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Unscathed Legionary
Biographical information










A healthy 800 lbs.

Hair color:

...yeah, I think this is obvious.

Eye color:

Blue (But you can't tell, can you?)

Political and military information


Oh, that's a solid nope.





Notable info:

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Thumos 2.jpg This "Guardian" is a Cabal Legionary, though, his appearance and presumed rank begs to defer.
Leviathan - Loyalty.jpg This Guardian's favorite race is the Cabal, and finds their legions intriguing, especially the Loyalists.
Grimoire Taken Psion.jpg Despite their intriguing concept, this Guardian hates the Taken. However, the Scorn are a close second.
Dreamingcity.png Despite his hatred for the Taken, this Guardian's favorite Raid is Last Wish.

Greetings Guardians... You may not know me, but I certainly know you. You can call me the Unscathed Legionary. I will offer some more info on me, if you are interested. Stay out of my business, and I think we'll get along real easily... AH, I'm just pulling your leg, I don't bite! Not like the Kovarians did on my previous tour. But, seriously though, I'm not going to compromise my new family (and yes, a family would be the best word to describe them). Anyhoo, here is a bit of information on me.


Growing Up on Torobatl

So, let's go back a few years, and by few, I mean... hmm... probably 600 years ago? Yup! That is correct! Anyways, let's go back to my early life as a little pup within the early Empire. I was born on the world of Torobatl in a family of mostly outland farmers. My father was a Goliath Tank commander and my mother was a former Sand Eaters Val. So I, for most of my life, was conditioned at an early age to operate farm tools and vehicles which, if you have ever studied my people's expertise in improvisation, was undoubtedly the most important thing I ever learned, which goes without saying I almost died operating them... countless times. Later down the line, my parents conceived another child, giving birth to a sister. Much like you petty humans, we often did engage in a few arguments, though they usually subsided pretty quickly. Who knew sharing a similar predicament with a sibling and, basically, kitbashed explosives would easily create common ground between two siblings from a militaristic race? Ah... what, you're curious about her name? DID I STUTTER WHEN I SAID SOME INFORMATION?

Ahem... So, me and my sister lived on that death trap for a while until... until our mother died in the field of duty, which... hit us really hard. So we ditched the farm (thank Acrius), and my father found another woman that shared similar traits to our mother, a Red Legion Gladiator who also had a similar and , I'll admit, equally badass role on the battlefield. Anyways, we moved to a major city center and found it better than the lawless wasteland beyond. And not just because our lives weren't on the line, but also because of all the things we could do: the weapons ranges, the markets, the Gladiator pits (which our step-mother often partook in), and just the colorful people who lived there. The problem I wish they did address was the military autocracy Ghaul was running. We didn't get any more different people and just... *Sigh* so many rules to abide. Seriously, people should honestly see how difficult it is to run an autocracy; so much rules to follow... and enforce. And yes, I, in fact feel safe about saying that. What is he going to do about it? He's dead.

So, later on in our life, when my sister was just starting to grow her tusks, my step-mother gave birth to a child; a son, a half-brother if you will. He was an absolute brute, even now, he's one hell of a Colossus (again, that's as far as I'm going to go with present information). But, if me and my sister were to be perfectly honest here and now, the both of us would agree we raised him right. Because if we didn't, he would have been nothing more than a bloodthirsty, unstoppable psychopath. You're welcome. Well, enough of is negative traits, he was quite the caring child, which KIND OF carried on into his military career, so there is a slight chance that he might show mercy to you if the both of you do cross paths. I knew my way around his fascinations in my stuff (I WILL NOT TOUCH ON THAT), but my sister often estranged him, but also often joined him in his games he occasionally wanted to play. Ah. I miss that marshmallow of a wrecking ball. Honestly, I regret not spending enough time with him, and, with my position, I might never get a chance to increase that ever again.

Yeah a great life... for a person from a hyper militaristic race of muscle bound oafs. Speaking of intellect, I made a few friends in my youth whom I will talk about (don't get excited and start looking for them, they are already super dead)! I knew a deft Psion fellow named Vorlan, who always had amazing stories of triumph and him surviving things that would have killed a meek creature such as himself; he met is end by a Hunter sniper of yours while on lunch break which, funny enough, was the ninth and final attempt on his life, like one of your cats, he done spent them all. I knew a gruff, former soldier named Ra'ask, who always paid me and my siblings a free piece of fruit from his stand when we passed by; he was imprisoned when it was discovered he was illegally smuggling those fruits, but died before his trial because of his exposure to an extremely toxic fruit to us named the Calshar, so he died doing what he loved: moving fruit. Finally and most notably, was a quirky Cabal woman named Baelim who simply loved a good fight with anyone, including us (she went gentle with us), always inquisitive in the field of warfare and martial arts; she brawled with a Titan of yours, a pretty casual, friendly match actually, before the Titan accidentally detonated her heart with an accidentally powerful punch. So, apart from all the dead friends, I lived a wonderful life. Really wonderful.

So, later down the line, after my brother watched his first Gladiator match, which did sort of set an omnicidal personality within him, just when I was ready to leave my home and enter the world as my own man, I would be enlisted into the Red Legion as an engineer because of my experience with unstable tech during my years as a farmer. And, boy, did that help me in the long run, else I wouldn't be here discussing that in this next bit.

Military Career


A New Family


The Unscathed Legionary
Biographical Information

Other Names:

Real name: [Data Obscure]
VIP #9022




Unidentified Legion




Blood Guard Legionary
Centurion (Inferred)





Combat Information


Slug Rifle (Most common)
Cabal Bronto Cannon (Rare, seen used in demolitions ops)
Cabal Slug Shotgun (Rare, seen used in close-quarters engagements)
Custom Cabal Headhunter (Rare, see used in assassination or distanced battles)
Heavily Modified Red Legion Slug Rifle [Data Expunged]


Summon Cabal
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Limited Flight
Solar Wrist Sword
Frag Detonator
Limited Flight
Berserker Rage


>Vanguard Target Log #9022<
-Subject of Interest: Unscathed Legionary
-Codename: "Odysseus"
-Class: Cabal Legionary
-Affiliation: Unknown
-Whereabouts: Last seen in the Dreaming City
-Combat info: Extremely aggressive; tactical; cunning
-Details: Despite his appearance as a Legionary, this Cabal warrior is not to be underestimated. He's rarely pressed attacks towards us, but has occasionally lead a strike force against any unprepared Fireteam. Despite his aggression to most Guardians, he's shown affection and even friendship towards some in particular, most notably Fireteam Onyx (see Report Gamma/AL/23-1475-a), Fireteam Tsar (see Report Gamma/AL/23-1475-b), and Fireteam Phoenix (see Report Gamma/AL/23-1475-c). A similar pattern can be seen with other Cabal legions and Fallen Houses, such as the House of [Redacted] and the [Redacted] Legions.

Every attempt at capture or assassination against the target has proven unsuccessful, always leading to slaughter. Target has proven time and again his prowess as a tactician and strategist, appearing as if though he's always one step ahead of us, or knew the exact layout of these incursions. He's also proven his exemplary use of weapons and skills as a pilot:

  • His skills as an ace Thresher pilot as was demonstrated during a dogfight during an assassination attempt over Venus (see Addendum Venus-3).
  • His mastery in tank command as was demonstrated during an attempt at the Caucasus Mountains to capture target with a Cabal convoy (see Addendum Earth/Asia-8).
  • His skills in guerrilla warfare as was demonstrated during an attempt to capture the target with other Cabal officials, identified as other associates of the mysterious Cabal Legion, in the ruins of Zurich (see Addendum Earth/Europe-13).
  • His marksmanship demonstrated in a Guardian Strike team tasked with neutralizing a Fallen Baron, possibly a connected associate, advocate, or emissary to the Legion, on Mars (see Addendum Mars-6).
  • His craftsmanship as demonstrated when he utilized his personally customized Red Legion Slug Rifle against a Guardian Strike force, where it [Redacted] and [Redacted] (Improper security clearance, Vanguard Elites are only allowed to access this file).

This target has proven to be elusive and dangerous, resulting in many loss of life and Vanguard weaponry. Due to the mentality and danger this threat proves, as well as the [Redacted] weaponry he bears, the Vanguard lifted the bounty off him and any assassination parties are to cease their hunt. It is of the Vanguard's hope that this target will not prove too much of a threat to other, unassociated Vanguard operations.
-Bounty: [Data Expunged] (By order of the Vanguard)
-Conditions of Bounty: [Data Expunged] (By order of the Vanguard)
Any Guardians attacked by the Unscathed Legionary are to be immediately brought for psychological evaluation and their Ghosts to undergo damage evaluation and Light-Power Diagnostics. Any Guardians seeking the elimination of this Legionary are to be detained, questioned, and debriefed by Vanguard representatives.

May the Traveler have mercy upon anyone, FoC or not, who crosses paths with the Unscathed Legionary. >End of Log<