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Palamor Torus IV

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About me

I am the Unscathed Legionary (In case you didn't already know). I have served on many fronts of this war serving many of my brethren. Meaning I know a lot about our enemies. Hobbies include: Drawing, reading lore, gaming, watching Youtube, and listening to music. I also have a very creative mind, which is why you're more likely find me on the Fan Fiction Forums. I do hope you have a great day... because tomorrow is another day.

Hobbies & interests

Doom (2016 and Eternal) soundtracks, Destiny (1 and 2) soundtracks, Intrusion 2, and so much more. There are so many games with such amazing soundtracks, whether be peaceful and inspiring (lookin at you Ori) or hardcore and adrenaline-packed (Doom, what'd you expect?). Of course, Cabal soundtracks are the best from Destiny, hands down. If you played Reversing the Polarity, then you'll understand how hard it is to reverse engineer one of your computers or consoles. Anyways, got them to work and have some favorites. Destiny (of course), Doom 2016, Doom Eternal, Skyrim, CoD games preceding BO2 (Zombies in 3 is still amazing), the Borderlands games and a little hidden gem called Intrusion 2. If there's anything good that came from you guys, it would definitely be a good custard-filled Doughnut. I'd also kill for a good Bacon Cheeseburger. I have no idea who Dr. Pepper was, but his drink is amazing.

Favorite Destiny moment

Kings Fall and Last Wish (Got the Touch of Malice in year 5 in Destiny's history)! Also, getting the Thousand Voices (first time on Titan) and Anarchy (13 tries total!) was pretty exciting!

Worst Destiny moment

Blighted Worlds questline and the Seraph Towers (screw the Ultras that land on the plates at the last second!).

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Hi. It's been a while. Wondering if you wanna work on what I mentioned from previous messages?


Could you makes some changes to Sumeragi for me? Just the Cabal, Hive, Vex and Fallen in that order and only make it about the season of the Chosen, which starts after Season of the Sumeragi.


What do you think should be the icons for Deathburst, Moonlit, and Bloodsong Champions, respectively? I'm wondering if you can set them up.


Working on the Fall of the Leviathan section yet?