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Initiation Ring


Messina Chamata, Titania

Enemy factions:

Cabal (Dune Raiders)

Connecting areas:

Fleetbase Pytho

Area type:

Lost Sector


The Initiation Ring is a Lost Sector that takes place in a gladiatorial arena located under Fleetbase Pytho. As the Guardian makes their way through the sector, Shuc states the Dune Raiders were using it to test deserters from other Legions if they are worthy of joining them, comparing it to a Rite of Proving.





  • The faction of the Cabal seen fighting the Dune Raiders in the arena will change every run through the Lost Sector, including Red Legion, Shadow Legion and Golden Legion.
    • However, it is unknown if the Golden Legion seen fighting were doing so to join the Raiders or attempt to regain favor with Emperor Zor.