Dreg's Promise

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Dreg's Promise
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Very Low

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Service history


Fallen (formerly)

"I am a marvel with ten thousand arms."
— Weapon text

Dreg's Promise is an Exotic Sidearm that can be acquired in House of Wolves. It is based on the Fallen Shock Pistol frequently used by Dregs.


Year One[edit]

The Dreg's promise is one of three possible rewards for The Elder Cipher Exotic Bounty. The bounty is only available as a random reward for the level 34 or 35 Prison of Elders challenge modes.

Year Two[edit]

This weapon has a random chance of being acquired after completing Challenge of the Elders.


Year One[edit]

The Dreg's Promise is the second Sidearm in Destiny and one of two exotic sidearms. It fires three arc damage shots upon pulling the trigger and has 18 rounds in its magazine, meaning 6 bursts. It is a fairly good weapon in PvE because it shines against "cannon fodder" enemies, such as Dregs. However, it isn't very good against Captains or similar enemies due to its lackluster damage. It isn't a great weapon in PvP, although that is to be expected, given the rapid fire nature of the weapon and, again, the low damage. It should only be used if your primary weapon is running low on ammo. It does not have good range and should not be used at range, although this problem can be nullified to a certain degree when fully upgraded. Its perks include:

Reserve Ammo: When you spawn with this weapon, you will always have ammo.

Soft Ballistics: Less recoil. Less Impact.

CQB Ballistics: Much, much recoil. Significant penalty to range.

Aggressive Ballistics: Easier to control recoil, more recoil, less range, more impact.

Grave Robber: Killing enemies using melee with this weapon equipped has a chance to refill magazine.

Snapshot: You aim this weapon incredibly fast.

Field Scout: More ammo in the magazine. (18-21)

Perfect Balance: Much less recoil.

Shock Rounds: High ricochet shock rounds with enhanced target acquisition.

Summary: This set of perks make the Dreg's Promise a close to midrange sidearm that works best in confined spaces. Although the Shock Rounds' ricochet effect isn't particularly useful, the enhanced target acquisition will definitely help the player increase accuracy, thus buffing its effective range. This will give the player an edge in personal defense.

Year Two[edit]

This weapon now fires tracking projectiles when the player aims down the sights to shoot.


  • When Dreg's Promise was added into Destiny it was often nicknamed "Greg's Potato".
  • Dreg's Promise only has one barrel while the shock pistol has two


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