Universal Remote

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"To the untrained eye this beast is a junker. To the trained eye, however, this junker... is a beast."
— Weapon Description
Universal Remote
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Universal Remote is an exotic shotgun in Destiny. It can be obtained from Xûr, Agent of the Nine or as a random drop.


Unlike other shotguns, Universal Remote is equipped in the player's primary weapon slot. It features a significantly increased range over other shotguns, making it well-suited to mid-distance combat rather than close-quarters. Its special ability, "Universal Remote" offers greatly enhanced range and precision damage when aiming down the sights.

Weapon perks[edit]

Column 1

  • Smooth Ballistics
    • Increased recoil.
    • Boost to range.
  • Soft Ballistics
    • Less recoil.
    • Penalty to Impact.
  • CQB Ballistics
    • Greatly reduced recoil.
    • Significant penalty to range.

Column 2

  • Crowd Control: Kills with this weapon grant bonus damage for a short time.

Column 3

  • Hammer Forged
    • Improved range and accuracy.
  • Lightweight
    • When held, this weapon grants +2 character Agility.
  • Snapshot
    • Aiming this weapon is incredibly fast.

Column 4

  • Universal Remote: Range and precision damage increases greatly while aiming down the sights.

In Year 3, Universal Remote's magazine was lowered from 5 to 3. No other changes to the weapon were made since.


  • Universal Remote's namesake
  • Despite being relatively weaker than other PvP focused shotguns, Universal Remote saw higher usage in the Crucible and Trials of Osiris after patch This patch nerfed special ammo to be lost upon death; thus, incentivizing the primary shotgun exotic.
  • Some shotguns like Universal Remote have their gauge printed on the side, above the trigger.
    • The shotgun takes 12 Gauge shells.


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