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"The exemplary Shingen - E is built to pop skulls."
— Weapon description
Production overview

Weapon Type:

Auto rifle

Required Level:


Min-Max magazine:


Service history

The Shingen-E is a rare auto rifle in Destiny. It has an attack of 156 and causes kinetic damage.[1] At Level 20, this attack statistic can reach values greater than 224 with upgrade. Impact is low, but the weapon is noted for its superior Stability, an attribute that often makes it a favored weapon in PvP (Crucible), as most of its rounds are likely to land on target while in the hands of a capable player. The weapon also has a magazine of 34 rounds, which is higher than most auto rifles and is also a factor of consideration for PvP use: it often has the rounds needed to finish off opponents. Rate of Fire is high; Impact is low; Range is short to moderate; Stability is very good; and Reload is pretty speedy. This weapon requires Glimmer and Weapons Parts for upgrades. For players desiring greater Impact statistics, its counterpart, the Galahad-E, should also be considered.

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