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"I don't have time to explain why I don't have time to explain."
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Dreaming City


The Reef/Ascendant realm

Hostile Races:

Fallen (Scorn)

Landing Zones:

Divalian Mists

"This will be a beautiful [City]. But not a safe [City]."

The Dreaming City is a Destination in Forsaken, featuring many endgame activities, such as the Last Wish raid and the Blind Well horde activity.[1] It is the homeland of the Reefborn Awoken, and is of great significance to them.[2] It is partially within both our universe and the Ascendant realm. Petra Venj is the world vendor for the city. To access the city, Guardians must complete the campaign of Forsaken and embark on a long and difficult questline.


The Dreaming City is the Reefborn Awoken's homeland. It was created by Mara Sov after her departure from the Distributary and is her personal realm. At one point, Prince Uldren Sov brought a baby Ahamkara named Riven to the City.

A massive ring-shaped structure can be seen in the sky of the Dreaming City, along with what appears to be a black hole or other light-warping phenomenon directly overhead. It is unknown at present what these objects are.


The Dark Age[edit]

After The Queen left the Awoken homeland, the Distributary, she created the Dreaming City as her own personal realm. There, she and other Awoken could reside in peace. Uldren Sov went to bring the Queen a gift and returned with Riven, the Ahamkara. Riven stayed in the City for the rest of her life.

The Taken War[edit]

During the Taken War, Oryx visited the Dreaming City. His very presence corrupted the City. He also took Riven and the Techeuns, and unleashed the Taken into the City.


At one point, The Fanatic introduced the Scorn to the Dreaming City, where they remain.

At some point, the City was pulled into the Ascendant realm, being halfway trapped between it and our realm.[3]


Story Missions[edit]





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  • The Dreaming City is the second Destination that is within the Ascendant realm, the first being the Dreadnaught.
  • The city's size is as large as Nessus.
  • The Divalian Mists and Rheasilvia share names with features on the asteroid 4 Vesta, the equatorial trough Divalia Fossa and the impact crater Rheasilvia, suggesting that the Dreaming City was built on it.
  • The city was originally going to be a standard location, initially explored through story missions, then finally unlock access to the expansion's raid. In November 2017, this was changed to being a location that players could explore at will.[4]
  • An album of changes to the Dreaming City across the three-week cycle can be found here.


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