Final Words

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"I don't have time to explain why I don't have time to explain."
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Final Words


Season of the Wish




Dreaming City


Enter the code for the fifteenth wish

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Final Words is the last mission of the Wishing All the Best quest of Season of the Wish.


  • Enter the Keep of Voices
  • Make the Wish


Riven: Has the time come for my final meal?

Riven: Your ambitions fed me well before. I've never tasted such a gulf between desire and reality.

Riven: Then you killed me.

Riven: Now you and I have returned to the start. Last meal. Last words. Last wish.

Riven: May it bring you everything you deserve.

The Guardian enters the building, making their way to the Wall of Wishes
The Guardian uses Deepsight to reveal the pattern, entering the code for the fifteenth wish

Riven: So the next generation of Ahamkara turns over. One last death to feed new life.

Riven: What will it feed within you?

{End Mission:Final Words}