Mayday, Mayday (Midnight)

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Mayday, Mayday (Midnight)


Season of the Deep




Mesopelagic Twilight, Titan


The call hits the Tower, 'mayday!'. A fireteam has gone missing beneath the waves of Titan's methane sea.
Dive to the Midnight depth of Titan's ocean, find the missing Fireteam, and assist them in completing their mission to recover as much Egregore coral as they can befor extracting safely.

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Mayday, Mayday (Midnight) is the third Mission of Season of the Deep. The Guardian dives into the sea of Titan alongside Sloane and with support from Saint-14 and Ahsa to rescue a Fireteam that has gone missing while extracting Egregore coral.


  • Underwater Rig Airlock
    • Airlock door opened
  • Mayday Response: Catch up with Sloane
    • Sloane is on the move. Make your preparations quickly.
  • Ahsa's Blessing
    • Ahsa offers you a gift. Choose one you prefer.
  • Dive into the Midnight Depth
    • Old Sunken Arcology reached
  • Plant Egregore Resonator
  • Resonator activated
  • Defend the Extractor
  • Refit the Extractor's Power Cells
    • Power cells refitted: X of 3
  • Repair and Reboot the Extractor
    • Repairs completed: X of 3
  • Area cleared
  • Plant Egregore Resonator
    • Resonator Activated
  • Defeat Kudazad, Bound to Xivu Arath
    • Kudazad, Bound to Xivu Arath defeated
  • Defeat the Drowned Ogres
  • Extract with your haul of collected egregore coral.
    • Extract with your haul.
  • Collect Rewards
    • Collect Rewards


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Hive - Xivu Arath's Horde

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