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"What we have built is only the beginning, a symbol of what we can achieve."
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"Vex encryption. Unbreakable? Ha, so they say."
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Biographical information

Other name(s):

Hero of Six Fronts
The Violet King
The Pigeon
Son (Speaker)
The Saint (Mithrax)


Cosmodrome, Old Russia, Earth





Political and military information


Pilgrim Guard
Firebreak Order (presumably)


Vanguard Commander (formerly)
Trials of Osiris handler


Titan (Sentinel, Sunbreaker[1], Striker[2])

Notable info:

Original owner of Helm of Saint-14
Former Vanguard Commander
Hero of the Battle of Six Fronts
Undertook successful crusades against the Fallen and killed Solkis, Kell of Devils
One of the most popular Guardian of all time

They called me the greatest Titan who ever lived.

Saint-14 is an Exo and one of the most famous Titans in the history of The Last City. Partnered with the Ghost Geppetto, he served as the first Titan Vanguard and was the right hand of the Speaker. After the exile of Osiris and Saint-14's crusades against the Fallen, Saint-14 disappeared on a mission to Mercury to prevent Osiris from disturbing the Vex. He was later stripped of his Light by the Vex and perished in the Infinite Forest shortly after documenting his final notes to Osiris, the Speaker, and to The Guardian. However, he was spared of that fate with the time-traveling intervention of the Guardian that served as his inspiration, and has since returned to the City to oversee the Trials of Osiris at his old friend's request to prepare the City for the coming Darkness.


Protecting the Last City

Dawn of the City

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Saint was revived by the Ghost Geppetto in the Cosmodrome of Old Russia. Geppetto was accompanied in this task by the Speaker, who told Saint that he would become an example for others to follow. The three then travelled to The Last City, which Saint became a Guardian under the guidance of the Speaker.[3] Saint befriended a Ghost who was searching for a partner still, and the Ghost hoped that his Guardian would be like the Titan.[4]

Battle of Zephyr Station

Saint-14 with the Perfect Paradox.

During his first off-world mission on Mercury, Saint-14 had taken it upon himself to evacuate refugees from Old Russia in an effort to escape the Fallen. Upon arrival on Mercury, he was horrified to discover that Mercury had been converted into a machine world by the Vex, but his refugees managed to settle down regardless, founding Zephyr Station. This settlement would be short-lived, as the Fallen House of Rain had tracked Saint and the refugees all the way from Earth, and they managed to wipe out the entire settlement, leaving Saint alone, pinned down in a Ward of Dawn. Left to lament his failure to protect the refugees and the hopelessness of his situation, Saint broadcast an emergency signal warning of the Fallen presence in the ruined settlement.[5]

Saint would unexpectedly receive a response from a Ghost who informed him of a Guardian on the way to help him. This Guardian would repel the Fallen forces bearing on his position, saving Saint. The Guardian gifted Saint with the Perfect Paradox, and their Ghost shared a vision of the present-day Last City; this act would inspire Saint to become the hero he is remembered as in the present.[5][6]

The Battle of Six Fronts

"All fireteams accounted for. No casualties."
"Thanks to you and my friend Elriq. You should have seen her. She saved eight little Lights. Charged dozens of Fallen with me. Lightning, bullets—it was quite impressive.
— Osiris and Saint in the aftermath of Six Fronts

During the Battle of Six Fronts, Saint-14 was assigned to the western front of the battlefield. When a detachment of nine Guardians from the Firebreak Order overstretched their lines and became trapped by the Fallen, Saint was sent to rescue them. He found eight of them downed, but spotted their Ghosts hiding on a nearby ridge out of sight of the Fallen. He joined Elriq, the one Titan who remained standing, in a crater for cover, and informed her that they needed to clear a path for Ghosts. Above them he saw one of Osiris' reflections cut through the air and burn down several Fallen in Solar energy, scattering their ranks. Saint asked Elriq if she was ready, but the Titan was scared as the Fallen reorganized and reformed their lines. He told her that they needed her but she was scared to die. Reassuring her that they would not perish, the eight Ghosts then joined them, and Saint convinced Elriq that this would be a new chance at the battle and they charged their foes to provide cover to resurrect their fallen comrades.[7]

Their mission succeeded, and Saint continued to fight alongside Elriq for the rest of the battle. They never fell to their foes once, and when the Fallen's signal jamming was brought down he reported in to the rest of the front commanders that the western flank had held. Osiris, Lord Shaxx, and Lord Saladin Forge reported the same from their fronts, and they all laughed at Shaxx's mocking of the Fallen. Osiris reported no further casualties, which Saint credited to his work and Elriq for aiding him in resurrecting the other members of the Firebreak Order. He praised her contributions, but she told him that it had been an honor to fight by his side. Saladin was impressed and questioned how many times he died in his charge, but Shaxx refused to believe Saint's claim that he never fell during the battle. Saint wondered if this was because Shaxx himself had died, and noted that he heard a rumor that one of Shaxx's horns had been broken by the Fallen during the battle. As Shaxx protested, Elriq vouched for Saint's claim, and Shaxx admitted that he wished they had more Titans like him. Saint once more credited Elriq for her covering fire, and then turned his attention to Osiris, who had died many times in the battle and despaired over how many close calls the Last City's defenders faced. He reminded his friend that it was due to him they held at all, but Osiris focused only on the casualties of the battle.[8] Saint later claimed that he was inspired to fight and keep the City safe thanks to the vision his savior Guardian had given him, whom he knew would one day arrive and make the City safe for humanity.[9]

Birth of the Crusade

After the destruction of the Iron Lords, Saint-14 was one of several Guardians who attempted to keep order in the Last City as chaos threatened to reign. Under the guidance of the Speaker, he helped to established the Consensus and Vanguard, serving as the first Titan Vanguard. Alongside him was Tallulah Fairwind as the first Hunter Vanguard, while he recommended that his friend Osiris serve as the first Warlock Vanguard and Vanguard Commander based on his leadership and actions during the Battle of Six Fronts.[10] Saint-14's suggestion was met with resistance from several factions in the City, including the Concordat, which claimed Osiris was a Golden Age experiment that had been mistakenly brought back by his Ghost, Sagira. The Titan defended his friend from these accusations and reassured the Speaker that Osiris was simply a man who had little time for games of obfuscation.[11]

After the Battle of Six Fronts, Saint-14 and five other Guardians under his command continued on the Titan's crusade against the Fallen, encountering Sekris, Baron of Shanks in a remote Fallen settlement. Sekris would mention Saint-14's various campaigns such as Battle of Six Fronts, Boyle Pass and Weapons of Rain against the Fallen. Later he questioned Saint if the Traveler spoke to him, to which he was met with silence deciding to leave and sparing the life of Sekris.

Following the murder of Nian Ruo and several other Guardians at the hands of Taniks, the Scarred, Saint-14 was dispatched by the Speaker and Osiris to eliminate the deadly Fallen mercenary. Saint-14 failed to track down Taniks, but the Hunter Cayde-6, a comrade of Nian's, located him instead and was believed to have killed Taniks, although it was later revealed that the resilient Fallen had survived the encounter.[12]

The Final Crusade

"The Devil Kell Solkis... is dead. This war is over."
— Saint-14 to the Speaker

In the aftermath of the Battle of the Twilight Gap, Saint-14 hunted down Solkis, Kell of the House of Devils, whom was one of the instigators of the Fallen's attempted assault on the Last City. The two fought a fierce battle, with Saint-14 expending most of his Light during their fight. He managed to defeat the Kell by gathering his remaining Light into a headbutt, using the horn of his helm to pierce Solkis' head. He had his Ghost confirm the Kell was dead, wary of the powerful Kell's strength. Relieved that he had ended the threat of the House of Devils for the moment, he contacted the Speaker and informed him of his victory. The Speaker praised his adopted son and declared him the greatest Guardian of the City and that all would know of his deeds. Saint-14 informed him that he would need time to recover before returning, and after noticing concern in the Speaker's tone inquired what was wrong. The Speaker informed the Exo that Osiris was on Mercury in the Caloris Basin, alarming Saint-14, who believed that such actions would provoke the Vex and threaten their newly hard-won peace. Vowing to stop his former comrade, Saint-14 ordered his Ghost to prepare his Vex arsenal and prepare for travel to Mercury.[13]

The Infinite Forest

Searching for Osiris

Saint-14 on his way to battle Vex.
"I mourn that I will never reach the heights you have. To me, you represent everything a Guardian can become. Yours is a thriving City. So different from mine. My whole fourteenth life I fought to make my City yours. I never finished."
— Saint--14, in a message to the Young Wolf after being drained of his Light

Saint-14 arrived on Mercury and discovered that Osiris had entered the Infinite Forest, a Vex machine designed to predict and simulate reality. Locating the portal into the Forest, Saint-14 reflected on all his accomplishments and recalled all of the people he had saved over his career, recalling their names and the accolades they had given him. Before stepping into the portal, he wished that he had talked about those people more.[14] Fearing that his end would come soon, Saint-14 prepared final messages for The Speaker, Osiris, and The Guardian. In his letter to Osiris, he chided his friend for failing to see why Saint-14 had once recommended him to be the Vanguard Commander and how he had hoped Osiris would put the people of the Last City before his desire to explore and learn, but vowed to fight in his stead one last time. He also predicted that Osiris would hear news of his death and blame himself, although he surmised that guilt would be fleeting. To the Speaker, Saint-14 told his mentor that having seen what the Last City could become he was certain the Speaker would be the one to lead them to it. Lastly, he told his "inspiration" that he would be sending their last gift, the Perfect Paradox, back to them and that it would be good to see them again soon.[15]

Saint-14 entered the Infinite Forest but never found Osiris, instead encountering the Vex and fighting them for several centuries due to the time manipulation of the Forest, destroying thousands of them while chasing after Reflections of Osiris. Eventually, the Vex created a Mind specifically designed to drain his Light. Faced against Agioktis and his armies of Descendants, Saint attempted to send Geppetto away only for the Vex to later trace and kill the Ghost. Though Saint-14 felled the Mind, it succeeded in its mission; mortally wounding the legendary Titan and drained of his Light. As he was left helpless and surrounded by his enemies, Saint-14 encoded one last message into the Perfect Paradox explaining what had transpired and his regrets over not being able to make the Last City into the thriving city he knew it would become.[6] In his last act of defiance, he yelled at Vex to finish the job, to which they end the life of the legendary Titan.


Vex tomb of Saint-14.
"Rest in peace, my friend."
"Osiris… I'm so sorry.
— Osiris and Sagira after discovering the fate of Saint-14

Out of an approximation of respect, the Vex laid Saint-14's body to rest in a tomb in a Simulant Future, surrounded by the melted shells of all the Vex he killed as a memorial to the grief he gave them. Traces of his Light previously siphoned by Agioktis were eventually discovered by Osiris and The Young Wolf, who began searching the Infinite Forest for Saint-14's whereabouts. They eventually discovered the Titan's tomb and mourned the loss of one of the Last City's greatest heroes. Electing to leave Saint-14 within the tomb the Vex constructed, The Young Wolf recovered the Perfect Paradox from Saint-14's corpse along with the letter written to them by the Titan. They returned with the broken weapon to The Lighthouse to repair and reforge it. Osiris was devastated about the demise of his old friend, and true to Saint-14's prediction, blamed himself for the Exo's death.[4] Osiris later visited Saint-14's tomb with his Ghost Sagira, noting that there was no fatal blow or damage on the Titan's armor and wondering if the Vex had repaired it. They discussed the ribbons that Saint-14 had called his "accolades", and Osiris sadly stated that he had never asked his friend what they were for.[14]

Twist of Fate

"My name is Saint-14. They call me the greatest Titan who ever lived. But I would be dead if not for you. Since the day I met you, I swore I would make it my duty to follow your example. I'm still trying."
— Saint-14, after emerging from the Infinite Forest.
A legend emerges from the Forest.

Sometime following the death of the Infinite Mind and the discovery of Saint-14's remains, Osiris began pooling resources from the Infinite Forest. With the Drifter's consultation on its engineering, Osiris created a prototype of a time-traveling device, The Sundial, with the intent of saving the fallen Titan from his final fate. Using a dozen of his Echoes, Osiris scoured throughout the history of Mercury for the moment where Saint fell to the Martyr Mind, but was unsuccessful in his attempts at locating the right time span before giving up and shutting down the Sundial in disappointment. [16]

When three Psion Flayer sisters from the Red Legion hijacked the Sundial and began fragmenting Mercury into multiple alternate timelines, the Guardian took up the seemingly impossible task of rescuing Saint-14 from his fate much to Osiris' bitter skepticism. Using a unique frequency keyed to the Perfect Paradox that they recovered from Saint's personal effects (after it had in fact been created by the Guardian at the Infinite Forge on Mercury), the Guardian and their Ghost traversed time to an early moment in Mercury's past, during Saint's first off-world mission. Upon aiding the Exo in a fight against Fallen from the House of Rain, the Guardian gifted Saint with the Perfect Paradox, and their Ghost shared a vision of the present-day Last City; this act would inspire Saint to become the hero he is remembered as in the present.[5]

Days later, Osiris discovered a distress signal from Saint's Ghost in the Vex network, and dispatched the Guardian to Nessus to open a gateway into the network and find it. The Guardian located the dead Ghost held by a broken Goblin atop a pile of dead Vex, and heard Saint's last moments before he is killed. With the Ghost as a guide, the Guardian again used the Sundial, this time managing to arrive at the proper moment in time. They come across Saint amidst the wreckage of several Vex, his Light already drained by the Mind created to stop him: Agioktis, Martyr Mind. Before the Guardian arrived, he had been about to send his Ghost away, but with the Guardian there, he believed, the Vex were doomed. Agioktis trapped Saint as it battled the Guardian, backed up by Descendant Vex and shielded by several Minotaurs. After a pitched battle, the Martyr Mind trapped the Guardian, and thus released Saint from his own trap; with his Light restored, Saint used his Sentinel Shield to smash Agioktis with the very Light it had been intended to drain. Saint then told the Guardian to return to their own time and open a gate from the Infinite Forest for him; even though that means he would remain in the Forest for years until that happened, the Vex had expended all of their effort in creating the Martyr Mind, and now had nothing to stop him. Returning to their present, the Guardian opened the pathway to the Forest. A moment later, Saint emerged, smashing through Descendant Vex, ending with a Minotaur that he headbutted to death in the same fashion as he had killed Solkis at Twilight Gap.

Saint-14 had returned... to a world very different from the one he had left.[17]

Return Home


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Saint-14 returns home
"Look at this place! I cannot believe what the City has become. To be home again. To hear of the Red War and see the scars. So much has changed. I was not here when the City needed me most. But regret does not serve us. We must look to the future. We must find hope again."
— Saint-14, upon returning to the Tower

Sometime after his reemergence, Saint-14 returns to the Last City to see how much has changed since last he left while also hearing of the Red War. At first, Saint-14 is overwhelmed by the changes, particularly the deaths of the Speaker and Cayde, but is happy to be home, and is inspired by how the people have carried on. Setting up his ship and supplies in the hangar bay of the Tower, Saint-14 wonders how best the City would use him and thinks of a solution, based on notes provided for him by Osiris. He resolves to create a beacon that would light the way home for those who are lost, and connect to the obelisk network created by Osiris to link to the Sundial. He also commissions a monument to the colonists of the Golden Age who had been lost on Titan and Nessus.

Lost Weapons

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Much later, Saint-14 guides the Guardians to the Twilight Gap to gather components needed to construct a new weapon, Devil's Ruin. As the Guardians searched the Gap for the components, Saint-14 recount grim stories of the battle but they get contacted by Osiris who asks for an explanation. Saint-14 intervenes and soon gets into a brief banter with his old friend.

Further on, Lord Shaxx enters the comms, demanding an explanation on why the Guardian are traversing the Twilight Gap, as no Crucible matches were scheduled for the area. Saint-14 regains contact with another of his old friends. Lord Shaxx is surprised to hear that Saint is alive and the two quickly enter a friendly banter. As the Guardians collect the last of the components, Saint-14 asks Shaxx on the whereabouts of mutual friends and of weapons that Shaxx had developed, apparently weapons that Saint can't earn. Though Shaxx is confused by these questions, Saint doesn't reveal why. Though Saint express his amazement at what Shaxx has done for the City, Shaxx retorts that what he has done pales in comparison to what the Guardian has accomplished. Saint recounts how he foretold the Guardian's arrival to which the Crucible Handler scoffs that the Guardian is not a divine savior. At this, Saint asks Shaxx is he wants to bet, to the old Warlord's amusement but is recalled that he owes him a good deal of Glimmer. Though Shaxx admits that he doesn't make as much being Crucible Handler, Saint-14 thinks of a way to pay him back: carrying children and singing to them. At first, Shaxx quickly refuses but being unable to pay him the Glimmer, he makes a lackluster attempt at singing a song made by Eris, to which Saint finds awful.

Regardless of the old heroes' bantering, the Guardians were successful in gathering all the components and assemble the weapon.

The Trials

Saint-14 now overseeing the Trials of Osiris.
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Saint-14 would lead the Empyrean Restoration, rebuilding The Lighthouse and re-convening the Trials of Osiris, which Saint-14 now directs.

Arrival of the Black Fleet

"The Traveler has spoken to us. It roared against the Darkness, and the Pyramids halted."
— Saint-14

Following the disappearance of Mercury, Mars, Io, and Titan, Saint-14 stood with a child riding upon his shoulders alongside Osiris in a crowd in the Last City as they listened to Zavala's speech about the planetary disappearances and presumed deaths of Deputy-Commander Sloane and Asher Mir. The Vanguard Commander encouraged the citizens of the Last City to maintain faith in the recently reformed Traveler and the Guardians.[18] Not long after this speech Saint meet with the Young Wolf and sat with him in the Tower's hanger amongst the pigeons, watching the City below them as people lived their lives. Saint encouraged his friend to take moments like this often and clear their mind. He related that Osiris believed the mind was a muscle that must be worked, but Saint had taught him that carrying too heavy a burden tired it if bared for too long. Expressing his belief in the Traveler and that it had saved them from the advancing Darkness, Saint worried that Ikora did not see it that way, lost in mourning those who had disappeared along with the planets. Saint mourned too, but declared that this was a time of change and choice, and that they must take care to set a strong example through patience and justice, not vengeance.[19]

Trials and Tribulations

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The Endless Night

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Search for Osiris

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After Ikora issued an arrest warrant for Osiris to answer for his role in Lakshmi's plot, Saint volunteered to apprehend Osiris after had been spotted in the Dreaming City. Requesting the Young Wolf's help, he vowed that no one else would touch his partner until Saint had learned the truth for himself, reasoning that while Osiris had acted rashly in the past he would never endanger the Last City and that he sensed something was wrong. The two Guardians landed on opposite sides of the coordinates where Osiris had been seen in order to cut off potential avenues for escape. They discovered that the Hive were highly active and were forced to break through their lines to reach the Warlock. As they fought, Geppetto sensed another Ghost nearby and Saint ordered its owner to reveal themselves. Crow and Glint came onto the comms and stated that Osiris had called him for help against the Hive. Saint was stunned and hurt that Osiris had called Crow and ordered him to leave as this was his fight, not Crow's. The Hunter refused and declared that he was not the only one who cared about Osiris, but this only further angered Saint, although he was forced to accept Crow's help as the chase continued into the Ascendant realm through beacons used by the Awoken. Taken attempted to halt them, and Crow cautioned that they no longer answered to Savathûn, the Witch Queen for some reason, but Saint noted his bullets did not care who they served. The Titan and Crow then warned the Young Wolf that he was detecting numerous Taken signatures along with a powerful Wrathborn Knight Kelgorath, Risen from Bones closing in on them. After the Knight was defeated, the three Guardians converged on Osiris' signal, and Saint told the Young Wolf that he could not lose Osiris and had to believe that his actions had purpose.[20]

They found Osiris meeting with Queen Mara Sov and Saint told him that he must return with them to the Last City and answer for his actions, but that he was sure the Vanguard would show mercy. Osiris mockingly stated that Zavala and Ikora were generous, pointing out to Mara how Crow had been welcomed among them, but Crow told Osiris that he could still be forgiven. The three Guardians watched as Osiris backed away and responded that he would hold them to that as his voice and body began to transform. Saint shouted in horror as it was revealed that Savathûn had replaced Osiris when Sagira was killed. Mara used her power to contain the Hive queen within stone while Saint was enraged by this revelation and demanded to know where Osiris was. Mara told him that his partner still lived and that she and Savathûn had come to a bargain. In exchange for Osiris' safe return, the Awoken and Guardians would help her remove her Worm and protect her from her sister Xivu Arath, who was hunting her for betraying the Black Fleet. Saint warned the God of Deception that she had better be telling the truth before departing to inform the Vanguard of what had transpired while the Young Wolf and Crow stayed to further discuss the situation with Mara.[20]

Personality and Traits

"Such courage and power—the greatest ever to grace these worlds. You bring all of us peace, we will light the final flare, Devil Red. They will all know what you've done."
The Speaker

Saint-14 was a kind, courageous and honorable Guardian who never hesitated to aid those who needed help. His skill, kindness and compassion made him beloved by those of his fellow Guardians and those who dwelled in the City. Prior to this, he wished that he could die due to him unable to help the survivors at Mercury during the Dark Age. Saint-14 was also known for being rather eccentric as he stated to have a dream of a Guardian who would rise and slay countless threats to the Solar System, showed a fondness for pigeons and collects "accolades", pieces of lavender-colored ribbons from those whom he personally saved. When Saint-14 never initially returned from his mission looking for Osiris, many within the Last City mourned him; only to venerate him upon his return which deeply humbled the former.

Saint-14, the City’s greatest hero.

Saint had unique relations with The Speaker and fellow legendary Guardian, Osiris. Saint-14 and Osiris shared an extremely close, romantic bond and it was Saint-14 who made the recommendation to name Osiris as Vanguard Commander. In regards to the Speaker, Saint-14 viewed the scholar as a father figure and the two confided in each other during moments of doubt. When Osiris slowly grew disillusioned with the Traveler and began to bitterly argue with the Speaker, Saint-14 often played the peacekeeper between them. Saint-14 tried to convince Osiris was needed as Vanguard Commander and that the Speaker was a great leader and tried to convince the Speaker that Osiris was needed in the defense of the Last City and not to act rashly in handling the growing cult surrounding Osiris. When Osiris went missing on Mercury, Saint-14 didn't hesitate to look for his wayward friend. Despite their differences, Osiris deeply respected Saint-14 and after finding evidence relating to him, he asked the Guardian to investigate if his friend was alive. After finding his tomb and body, Osiris was devastated, citing his failure to save him as his greatest regret.[4]

Upon reemerging, Saint-14's personality remains largely the same before his fate was changed and is happy to return home, reunite with old friends and see how much has changed. Though overwhelmed at first, he quickly adapted to the situation and wished to be of use to the City. He was saddened upon learning of the Red War, those who were lost in the war and the death of his father figure, The Speaker, Saint-14 remained steadfast in protecting the innocent.

Saint-14 had theorized that the Darkness was an army of aliens that had been rejected by the Traveler, which he would in-fact allude to the Fallen.[21] Saint-14 has shown a strong disgust towards the Fallen, having witnessed their brutality and was driven sick upon witnessing Dregs devour children. He has also shown a strong dislike of the Vex, who in his words "murdered" Mercury. Given his aversion with the Fallen, Saint-14 refused to speak with Mithrax and those of the House of Light, though he would eventually say that he would have to find the time to do so. His dislike with the Fallen would come to a head after Ikora granted Mithrax and the House of Light sanctuary within the Last City in an effort to gain their aid in combating the Endless Night. At first outraged with the Fallen being welcomed into the Last City and often verbally sparing with Mithrax, his belief that the Eliksni of the House of Light being no different to the Fallen he battled in the past would change after seeing the House's non-combatants live in terror of him, including their children. From Mithrax, Saint-14 learn that his deeds against the Fallen, that made him a legend in the Last City, also made him a monster that the Eliksni tell their children and now to live in peace, they must live with that nightmare everyday. Mithrax's tale changes his attitude towards the Eliksni, coming to an understanding with the Light Kell. Eventually, after fighting the Endless Night together, Saint-14 would accept Mithrax as a friend and ally, along with the House of Light, protecting them from Lakshmi-2's plot to expel them using the Vex.


  • "You are the shield. The Ward allows you to bear the brunt of the impact, nothing more. You are the shield, and the light keeps you standing."
  • "I have found that rarest treasure: a pragmatic Warlock."[22]
  • "A singer came to me, saying, 'You protect me, and I do nothing in return.' I told him to sing, and he understood."[23]
  • "You fight like a caged animal!"
  • "Two for one!"
  • "Martyr Mind, time to die!"
  • "What are you waiting for, last words? Finish me, you cowards!"

Paean to Saint-14

  • "He walked out into the demon light. But at the end he was brighter."[24]
  • "His Light cast no shadows."[25]
  • "Was there ever another Guardian so beloved by the people?"[26]


  • Saint-14 is voiced by Brian T. Delany.[27]
  • A Paean is a song of praise or thanksgiving. The Paean may be the song that Saint-14 mentions in one of his quotes.
  • Saint-14 is fond of Pigeons, often feeding them as a hobby and even sporting one for a motif.
    • Upon returning to the Last City and setting up in the hangar, Saint can be found feeding pigeons.
  • When approaching Saint in the Tower as a Titan wearing the Helm of Saint-14, Saint will laugh and remark, "You look like me! Let us confuse Zavala like this."
  • Saint-14 adopted the pet chicken of Cayde-6, Colonel, and dubbed her the lord of pigeons.
  • Saint-14 and Osiris' relationship was confirmed to be romantic by Bungie narrative designer Robert Brookes.[28]


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