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The Interceptor is a Cabal single-seat hovercraft.


The Cabal Interceptor is equipped with a pair of Solar cannons that fire large explosive shells, causing splash-damage. It is able to use intermittent boost that provides a one-second burst of speed every several seconds. While in boost, the cannons fold in and cannot be used.[1] The Interceptor is significantly slower than the Sparrow or Pike, but its boost makes it significantly faster, and it is able to maneuver easily around larger vehicles such as a Goliath Tank. It is very durable and can take much punishment before exploding.



  • Based on the fact Guardians can use these vehicles easily, and that the seats are too small for ordinary Cabal soldiers like Legionaries, it can be assumed Psions pilot them exclusively.
  • No Cabal units have been seen using Interceptors, unlike Fallen Pikes on the Moon, which frequently sport Dregs riding them.


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