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"I don't have time to explain why I don't have time to explain."
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Production information



Technical specifications

Other system(s):

Booster Engine


Heavily Armored


Solar Rockets




Year introduced:

Cerberus Vae III




The Interceptor is a Cabal single-seat hovercraft designed for Psions.


The Cabal Interceptor is equipped with a pair of Solar cannons that fire large explosive shells, causing splash-damage. It is able to use intermittent boost that provides a one-second burst of speed every several seconds. While in boost, the cannons fold in and cannot be used.[1] The Interceptor is significantly slower than the Sparrow or Pike, but its boost can significantly accelerate it, and it is able to maneuver easily around larger vehicles such as a Goliath Tank. It is very durable and can take much punishment before exploding.

In Destiny 2, the Red Legion have a secondary variant of Interceptor at their disposal and are distinguished from the standard model by their black hull. These Interceptors have an increased rate of fire, infinite speed boost and can fire both cannons at once, but are only accessible to the player in certain missions, such as Road Rage and 1AU.



  • Based on the fact Guardians can use these vehicles easily, and that the seats are too small for ordinary Cabal soldiers like Legionaries, it was assumed that Psions piloted them exclusively. This theory was confirmed in the Destiny 2 gameplay premiere.
  • No Cabal units were seen using Interceptors until the reveal of Destiny 2, where a glimpse of an Interceptor was observed being piloted by a Psion.


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