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The Almighty


Find and Disable the Almighty's Weapons
Sabotage the Almighty's weapon systems.
Escape the Almighty

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1AU is the fifteenth story mission of Destiny 2.[1]


  • Find and Disable the Almighty's Weapons
  • Sabotage the Almighty's weapon systems.
  • Escape the Almighty



The Guardian and Ghost Transmat onto the surface of the Almighty from Thumos' ship. After engaging the Red Legion, they find the weapon already activated and firing at the sun.

  • Ghost: The weapon is already active! Are we too late?
  • Ikora Rey: Not yet. You need to disconnect the link between the Almighty and the sun before it disrupts the sun's magnetic field.
  • Cayde-6: ...And everything goes BOOM.

The Guardian fights across the outside of the Almighty and reaches the Starboard Landing

  • Zavala: Our forces are moving into position outside the City walls. Your signal will start the assault.
  • Ghost: We'll get the job done, Commander.

The Guardian enters Mineral Processing

  • Ghost: That tunnel over there should lead us straight to the central core.

The Guardian moves towards the tunnel but finds it clogged with debris. They backtrack and go back towards the other end of the room, where they find a large map with a Holographic image of Mercury.

  • Ghost: It looks like the Red Legion are using the planet Mercury as fuel.
  • Cayde-6: Strip mining the Solar System? That's ...kind of impressive.

The Guardian picks up a Solar Cell.

  • Ghost: That's radioactive and unstable. Don't hold onto it for too long.

The Guardian finds an access port for the cell

  • Ghost: Looks like the Red Legion use fusion cells to power their machinery. Let's plug it in, get this thing started.

The Guardian plugs the Solar Cell in and activates the processor. However, a large group of Red legion soldiers led by Purifier Vurst attack. After dispatching them all, the processor opens and the way is clear.

  • Ghost: Ore tunnels are clear. We can follow the fuel to the weapon's core.
  • Ghost: These rocks...it's hard to believe that this is one of our planets ground up under our feet.
  • Cayde-6: There's still plenty of planet left. We'll take care of it.
  • Ikora Rey: Zavala, your group is in position at the city perimeter.
  • Zavala: Understood. Preparing to go radio silent. We can't give the Red Legion any warning. Guardian, I will do all I can to reclaim our home. If we do not meet again… know how proud I am of what you have done.

The Guardian fights through a number of Red Legion soldiers and reaches Sunside

  • Ghost: Sooo... the only way we're gonna get where we're going is - out there.

The Guardian steps out into bare sunlight

  • Ghost: We can do this.

The Guardian begins to take damage due to sheer heat of the sun's rays

  • Ghost: Stay in the Shadows. The Shadows!

The Guardian fights through several Red Legion sentries across the sun-exposed outside of the Almighty, and reaches the opposite section.

  • Ikora Rey: It's time for me to go, Guardian. You know your path. You don't need our guidance anymore. If my journey ends today, then I face it gladly.

The Guardian encounters a series of platforms in a circular manner. After fighting through the Red Legion, they climb on top of it.

  • Ghost: To go forward, we must go upward...which sounds like something Zavala would say.

The Guardian fights through several more Red Legion soldiers inside the Almighty.

  • Cayde-6: Hey, Hawthorne says we're reaching our insertion point. And I'm not big on goodbye scenes. So you do...what you gotta do. Make it out alive, OK? I need someone who gets my jokes.

The Guardian presses forward and comes across a pair of accelerator tubes.

  • Ghost: See those tubes? That's how we get to the weapon core.

The Guardian battles the Red Legion before stepping into one of the tubes. They are then catapulted across the length of the Almighty. They are dropped into a room full of Interceptors.

  • Ghost: Interceptors! It's like they're begging us to blow this place up.

The Guardian boards an interceptor and makes their way towards the main weapon. Upon viewing it, the weapon fires.

  • Ghost: Wow. That's...wow.

The Guardian progresses down onto the core platform.

  • Ghost: The thermal exchangers. Take them out, and the weapon will overheat!

The Guardian destroys one of the exchangers.

  • Ghost: That's one!

The Guardian destroys another exchanger.

  • Ghost: That's two. Last one should be ventilating the core.

The Guardian destroys the last exchanger.

  • Ghost: Temperature levels are rising, but it's not enough. We need to disrupt the core itself.

The Guardian pushes their way into the main core system.

  • Ghost: A fusion cell! We'll use that to overload the electron reservoir.

The Guardian picks up the cell and runs across burning hot coils. They reach the core and shove the cell into it. The core starts to overload and explode.

  • Ghost: I'm bringing the ship around! Run!

The Guardian sprints across the deck of the core while explosions rock the ship.

  • Ghost: Zavala, the weapon is destroyed! Start the attack!

The Guardian reaches the hijacked Harvester with seconds to spare.

  • Ghost: We're done here. Let's go home.


Cabal - Red Legion and Loyalist (undercover)



  • In astrophysics, AU stands for Astronomical Unit - the average distance between the Earth and the Sun. This unit of distance is typically used when measuring the distances of objects within our Solar System.
    • In this context, the mission title of "1AU" implies the Almighty and Mercury are in the same orbit path as Earth. Alternatively, the title could refer to the distance the mission takes place from Earth, as the Almighty is between Mercury and the Sun, potentially locating it roughly 1 AU from Earth. However, the mission name is more likely used simply for effect as opposed to implying anything about the orbits of the celestial bodies of the Solar System.


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