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"They're not breaking. Why aren't they breaking?"
Grimoire description.
Biographical Information




Field Commander

Combat Information


Projection Rifle (common)
Slug Rifle (rare)


Solar Shield
Jump Jets
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Cabal Melee


Centurions serve as Cabal field commanders and special ops troops,[1] backing up Legionnaires.[2] Centurion combat skills and leadership are unmatched, and their talent for destruction is enhanced by their heavy weapons and armor.[1] They stay mobile thanks to jump jets that blast them across the battlefield[3].


Centurions are the tactical field commanders in a standard group of Cabal soldiers, and should be eliminated quickly. Armed with a deadly Projection Rifle, which is a Cabal grenade launcher of sorts, they relentlessly bombard the position of any Guardian(s) with high-explosive grenades at any distance. The grenades they fire have a high velocity, so dodging them can be a challenge.

A Centurion's armor is embedded with a Solar shield, improving their overall durability. On top of this and their deadly firepower, they are also surprisingly mobile due to their jump jets, which they use to reposition themselves and find a different angle of attack so they could continue to pound Guardians with their Projection Rifles. Therefore, Centurions should be engaged with as much caution as possible.

Known Centurions


  • Fleet Centurion
  • Gunnery Centurion
  • Imperial Centurion
  • Line Centurion
  • Scout Centurion


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