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Loyalty is not blindness. Loyalty is rewarded.

Bahr'Toran was a Loyalist Centurion assigned to assist Katabasis.


Early Life[edit]

"I threw off my father's shackles and pledged my life to the emperor. I was shown mercy."
— Bahr'Toran, on his past

When Dominus Ghaul overthrew Emperor Calus, Bahr'Toran's father sided with the usurper. Bahr'Toran saw this as a disgrace for their bloodline, and renounced his father to pledge his life to Calus.[1] He would go on to embark on the Leviathan and travel the stars, eventually arriving in the Sol System.

Theft of the Glykon Volatus[edit]

"All Cabal ships belong to Calus," the Centurion growls. "And Qinziq does not answer to you."
— Bahr'Toran arguing with Katabasis over the appropriation of the Glykon

Bahr'Toran was assigned to help the Emperor's Shadow Guardian, Katabasis, alongside the Psion Qinziq. They were to appropriate a ship, the Glykon Volatus, for use in an operation by the Emperor. The Centurion was assigned to make sure the other Cabal would follow the Guardian's orders, and to keep him in line in case he decided to go against the Emperor. The trio boarded a dishelved Thresher and made their way into the atmosphere of Nessus and into a Red Legion's shipyard. Along the way, they introduced each other, and Katabasis immediately coined a nickname for his handler: Bahto. Despite not liking it, a nod to the Ghost Gilgamesh made him understand he's have to get used to it.[2]

As the trio reached the docked Glykon, Qinziq raised herself and Bahto upon the ship using her Void powers, while Katabasis followed. After the Psion calibrated a Transmat device on the Centurion's chest, the group split, with Katabasis and Qinziq securing the ship while Bahto set up demolition charges over a signal dish both as a distraction and to hide their location until they can deactivate the ship's location beacon. As the two were warming up the ship's engines, Bahr'Toran transmatted onto the bridge next to them, out of breath but having set the charges. They flew the ship into space covered by the explosion, described by the Centurion as 'the spark that burns the past to fuel the future".[3]

Experiments of the Glykon[edit]

"Calus will expose the secrets of the Darkness and use them to reclaim Torobatl. It will be."
— Bahr'Toran on his loyalty to Calus

With the Glykon Volatus added to the Loyalist's fleet, Katabasis and Bahr'Toran spent the next six weeks capturing Scorn from the Tangled Shore for Qinziq to experiment on. As the Centurion completed the recovery of their casualties, Katabasis wondered what they were capturing so many Scorn for. Bahr'Toran replied that it didn't matter, and that unlike his father, he would see his loyalty rewarded by the Emperor, reaquiring the right to sire, and that the Emperor would retake Torobatl with the power he'd acquire from the Darkness.[1]

Eventually, the Glykon was moved to the orbit of Phobos, next to the anomaly left in the place of Mars. Calus, his scribe Amsot and the Crown of Sorrow were brought aboard, and the Emperor attempted to use it to commune with the Darkness. Though he failed many times, Katabasis and Bahr'Toran kept assisting the communion attempts. During one of these audiences, he would tell the Hunter that he saw his Ghost speaking with the Scorn as much as he could. Before the conversation could continue though, the communion succeeded, and the Glykon plunged into the anomaly.[4]

Trapped in the Void[edit]

"How do we choose who deserves our loyalty?"
— Bahr'Toran on loyalty

The Glykon Volatus was transported into another realm where the Scorn on the ship were continuously brought back to life and hunted the surviving crew, while the ship itself was continuously bent and twisted by the dark waves that surged through the strange realm. Calus disappeared during the experiment, with all the Psion Councilors helping with the communion being killed. Bahr'Toran worked with the other survivors over several weeks to find a way to return to their reality and, alongside Katabasis, recovered a command key that would give them access to the viewing room where the Crown of Sorrow was held so Qinziq could attempt to sever the link it held to the Scorn. Bahr'Toran had his reservations about this, believing the Emperor was still on board somewhere and he had to find him, but Katabasis convinced him that his life right now was more important than his Emperor's.[5]

The two met with Qinziq on the command deck, with fifteen other Loyalists she had discovered. Bahto took a moment to kneel by the viewing window, staring into the nothingness beyond and wondering how one could choose their loyalities. Katabasis replied that it is a personal decision, and that he did not owe anyone anything. The Psion prepared herself for the ritual while the others took defensive positions to combat the incoming Scorn assault. The Cabal cut down the waves of Scorn, but were slowly whittled down until two Abominations appeared and wrecked havoc on their lines. Katabasis charged one with blades of Void, while Bahr'Toran took a Phalanx's shield and challenged the other, blocking its bolts. The two were successful in taking down the giant Scorn, but as they did, Qinziq succumbed to the strain of the ritual and burned into black flame. Katabasis looked at Bahto, and beyond him saw the Locus of Communion coming for them.[5]

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