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"Vex encryption. Unbreakable? Ha, so they say."
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Worked under Calus
Previous owner of Dead Man’s Tale


Katabasis was a Hunter and one of Emperor Calus’ operatives. He was revived by a Ghost named Gilgamesh at an unspecified time after the Collapse. His last mission saw him aboard the Glykon Volatus, in a ritual to help Emperor Calus commune with the Darkness using the Scorn. However, after the ritual Calus was nowhere to be found, and the surviving crew was slowly killed off by one of their experiments, the Locus of Communion. Katabasis’ last message was a distress signal, offering his rifle in exchange for escape.

After the Young Wolf collected all pages of the Captain’s Log lorebook, they discovered that Katabasis’ Ghost Gilgamesh was corrupted by the Darkness and began reviving Katabasis over and over again to be killed by the Scorn while marooned on the Glykon. Katabasis was forced to kill his own Ghost, which is what Gilgamesh planned, as disconnecting his Light allowed the Anomaly (see Darkness) to infect and kill Katabasis through the Sarcophilic Egregore Spores.


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  • Katabasis is of Ancient Greek origin and means a descent of some type i.e. a military retreat or a descent into the underworld.

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