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"We are Amtec's vengeance."
"…and while she struck from the sun, we strike from the shadow.
— A unnamed Psion and Yirix

Yirix is a Psion of the Red Legion who leads a conclave of conspirators to steal and utilize Light-draining technology to finish Amtec's mission of revenge against humanity for the deaths of Niruul, Ozletc, and Tazaroc.



"Dispose of them. Use its primitive gun. We cannot leave any trace that may lead them back to us."
— Yirix ordering the execution of a Guardian and Ghost

Around three years after the Red War, Yirix was stationed at a Cabal fleetbase on Nessus when it was visited by emissaries from Empress Caiatl, who was seeking to reintegrate the Red Legion back into the empire. While working aboard the bridge of the Glykon Volatus by herself, she sensed another Psion and turned around to discover Qinziq, a Loyalist of the deposed Emperor Calus, approaching her. The two briefly conversed and came to an understanding that Qinziq needed the Cabal Carrier for her own plans on behalf of the Psion's future. Yirix prepared to leave the Glykon Volatus to her and studied the Guardian Katabasis and his Ghost Gilgamesh, servants of Calus who had accompanied Qinziq. She projected feelings of temperance and reassurance of their shared cause towards the Guardian, who had his rifle at the ready, before slipping out of a nearby hatchway to join a crowd of soldiers listening to a speech by one of Caiatl's emissaries.[1]

Several months later, Yirix gathered several like-minded Psions and began plotting with them to gain revenge on Humanity for the deaths of Niruul, Ozletc, and Tazaroc, three Psion Flayers who had sought to use a device known as The Sundial on Mercury to alter the past so that the Red Legion had won the Red War with the Psions at its head. After their deaths at the hands of the Young Wolf, their sister Amtec sought to crash The Almighty into the The Last City in vengeance, but that plot was foiled as well thanks to Rasputin and the Guardians.[2] Yirix and her conspirators gained the aid of Ixel, the Far-Reaching, who sought to earn a place on Caiatl's War Council and used Vex prediction engines on Nessus to find potential futures they could utilize. Although Ixel was slain by interfering Guardians, several Psions escaped with stolen Vex data that suggested several futures where the leader of the Vanguard, Commander Zavala, could be assassinated.[3]

To facilitate this future three Psions snuck into the Last City and stole remnants of the Traveler Cage from a Häkke facility.[4] Using the recovered technology Yirix put together devices that could be used to incapacitate Ghosts and cut Guardians off from the Light. Seeking to discover if the technology worked, Yirix and one of her subordinates lured a Guardian to the European Dead Zone through activity amongst remaining Red Legion soldiers and shadowed them as they cut through dozens of Cabal, disgusted by their Ghost making jokes about the slaughter. When her target finally let their guard down out in the open Yirix slew them with a single shot, impressing her fellow conspirator. Preparing the Ghost disabling device, they waited for it to appear and try to revive the Guardian. When it did so Yirix fired and enjoyed watching as it fell disabled with Arc energy. Overjoyed by their success, she dismissed her subordinate claiming that Dominus Ghaul had not been a fool by reminding them that he had not developed the device and deserved no credit. Yirix ordered her subordinate to execute the Guardian and Ghost with their own weapon so that the murders would not be traced back to them and the two vowed to be the Amtec's vengeance, striking at the Guardians from the shadows.[2]

Armed with the Light-draining tech and knowledge of moments they could kill Zavala, Yirix and her conclave set out to enact their vengeance. They first sent a lone assassin into the Last City to slay Zavala in a garden while he was distracted, but he was warned of the assailant by Crow and killed the Psion.[5] Several weeks later they sent Qalec and Valir to try again at a ceremony marking the beginning of an armistice between the Cabal Empire and the Vanguard, but Crow once again interfered and saved Zavala's life with the aid of Empress Caiatl. Valir was slain in the attempt,[6] and Qalec was captured and executed by Caiatl, who vowed to hunt down and exterminate the rest of the Psion conspiracy as traitors to the Empire.[7]

Propaganda Campaign[edit]

With the advent of Savathûn, the Witch Queen and Operation Elbrus, the Vanguard are informed by Empress Caiatl about a Cabal base on Mars. This base is producing broadcasts, seeking to convince members of the Cabal Empire to defect, specifically Psions. A three-Guardian fireteam is sent in to recover information on the source of these broadcasts and shut them down, as Caiatl wants to avoid appearing like she is attacking her own people. Succeeding, they discover the broadcasts appear to be a call towards Psions to support Calus and the Black Fleet. One week later, the Vanguard and Cabal coalition discover that the base on Mars had been rebuilt and restaffed, forcing them to travel back to the bunker to shut down the broadcasts again. After shutting down the broadcast, Caiatl looks into the message and, this time, sees a scene of violence, along with herself, realizing that what she is seeing is the failed attempt on Commander Zavala's life, through the eyes of the assassin, and the memory of his death at Caiatl's hands. From this message, Empress Caiatl is able to deduce that only one Psion would be left alive who would have such intimate knowledge of the event: the traitor Yirix and her enclave. Once again, in the following week, the base is rebuilt and restaffed with separatist forces. After another assault, the next broadcast shows a group of Psions conducting a religious ceremony during a time before they were assimilated into the Cabal Empire, leading the empress to believe that Yirix is attempting to stir a sense of forgotten Psion unity, under the banners of Calus and the Black Fleet.

The Guardian would return to storm the base once more, as Yirix resumes their attempts to spread their message amongst the Legions, leading tensions to run high within the Psions, with more defections occurring. With Calus's cloning operations in full swing, the loss of life is of no concern, regardless of how many times the base is taken or destroyed, as Caiatl would comment. After defeating the Insurgent Psion and shutting down the broadcast once more, Caiatl sees the latest of Yirix's messages, which shows the same message over and over again, flashing almost too quickly to perceive. The messages are revealed to be Psion divinations, impressions of things yet to come. In them, Caiatl can see the Last City besieged, The Shipstealer revived, the Leviathan reborn and the Traveler itself infected with Darkness.

Personality and traits[edit]

Yirix's loyalty was to the future of the Psions above all other matters. To secure that future she joined a conspiracy of Psions who served amongst many Legions, including the Loyalists, and worked in concert with them to achieve their goals.[1] Yirix highly valued revenge against humanity for what she perceived as their crimes against her people and the better future that they had sought for themselves using The Sundial on Mercury to alter time in their favor. To achieve her revenge, Yirix turned to secret strikes and assassinations from the shadows, tactics she had once found cowardly and the tools of humanity. She came to believe after the chaos of the Red War that victory did not have to be honorable and the best way to win was to eliminate the leadership of the enemy.[2] Yirix also appears to be a master at political maneuvering, using the death of the Psion within the Psiorium and the appointment of Lord Saladin to the War Council to her full advantage in her propaganda campaigns.

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