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Red Legion
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Youngest and last living sister, of the Psion quadruplets
Last known Red Legion Psion Flayer


"I know your purpose."

"I understand."
— Amtec to her sisters.

Amtec is a Red Legion Psion Flayer, and the main antagonist of Season of the Worthy. Following the destruction of the Almighty, her current status is unknown.


Amtec is the fourth and youngest sister in a council of Psion Flayers that wrestled for control over the Sundial. She met with her sisters while they were joining, during which they spoke to her in harmonizing tones telepathically. She was told by her sisters that if their plan to were to fail, Amtec would be tasked with enacting revenge against anyone who threatened them. Amtec would also become a part of her sisters' permanent metaconcert, though she would only join them in mind but not body.[1]

After Inotam's destruction and the deaths of her sisters, Amtec enacted one last desperate ploy by setting the crippled Almighty on a collision course towards Earth and the Last City.[2] Despite her efforts, however, the Almighty was destroyed by the Warmind Rasputin with the aid of the Guardians before it could collide with Earth. This resulted in Amtec's plot ending in a total failure and leaving her final fate unknown.

Although her status and whereabouts remain unknown, Yirix and a conclave of Psions would conspire to enact vengeance against the Last City on behalf of Amtec behind the backs of the Cabal Empire. They hold the Psion Flayer in high regard as they remember her words and the brief hope the Sundial had shown them, and they remember her name trailed in curses and woe.[3]


  • Amtec is the youngest of her siblings and described as the most beloved, wanting to join her sisters in body but not wanting to let them feel her disappointment, because she craves their love.
  • Amtec's status is so far unconfirmed whether or not she perished on the Almighty or is still leading the Red Legion's remains and the Psion splinters working in her name.

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