Lii'liks, Harvester of the Witness

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Lii'liks, Harvester of the Witness
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Wild Card


ArcS.png Overcharged Ether
High Durability
ArcS.png Ground Slam
Immunity Shield
Summon Mini Screebs
Summon Taken


Lii'liks, Harvester of the Witness was a large Scorn Abomination, engorged off of Dark Ether, and the main antagonist of the Wild Card mission. He would lead efforts to corrupt The Pale Heart and its inhabitants by engorging Screebs with Tainted Dark Ether.[1]


Lii'liks was a Scorn controlled by the Witness and tasked with furthering the corruption of The Traveler by harvesting Dark Ether, tainting it and creating engorged Screebs with it. These Screebs would be sent out all over the Pale Heart to either explode and corrupt the land or be consumed by other creatures such as War Beasts, who would then be corrupted through exposure. This tainted Dark Ether would also corrupt electronics such as Shanks, causing those exposed to act erratically and aggressively, making Shanks and War Beasts alike turn on their handlers. Leadership over the corrupted Shanks would be handled by a large Heavy Shank named the Hoarder of Tainted Light, who was sent out by Lii'liks to gather more Dark Ether to be tainted. When the Hoarder was killed by the Guardian, the data stored inside led to Lii'liks's location. Cayde-6, Crow and the Guardian found Lii'liks in its cave and a fight would ensue, with the Abomination sending tainted Screebs at the three Guardians. Lii'liks would eventually be weakened, as sending it tainted Screebs would weaken its own defences, and cornered into the cave where Crow and Cayde crushed it to death with a cave-in.


Lii'liks is encountered within a cave at the Transgression, where he serves as the final boss of the Wild Card mission. Upon appearing he will summon hordes of Taken as well as miniature Screebs to bombard the Guardian. When Lii'liks loses a third of its health, he will activate his Immunity Shield and retreat away. To lure the Abomination back out, the Guardian must kill Screebs to retrieve ten pieces of Dark Ether. Once the Ether is retrieved, they must deposit it into the barrel to draw Lii'liks back into the cavern. The Guardian must continue to damage him until he loses two-thirds of his health, which will cause him to invoke his shield and retreat into the cave. As Screebs begin to appear once more, the Guardian must repeat the previous process of killing Screebs and depositing the Ether dropped from their remains to lure Lii'liks back out. Once Lii’liks is slain the encounter is complete.



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