Hoarder of Tainted Light

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Hoarder of Tainted Light
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House of Salvation




Heavy Shank

Combat information


Wild Card


VoidS.png Shank Turrets


High Durability
Midair Levitation
Summon Shanks


The Hoarder of Tainted Light is a Heavy Shank from the House of Salvation that turned on its comrades after its wiring became corrupted by Dark Ether. It was responsible for stealing the Ether barrel from Cayde-6 and Crow's campsite, delivering it to Lii'liks, Harvester of the Witness to continue the Witness's ambitions of corrupting the Pale Heart.


The Hoarder of Tainted Light appears shortly after the Guardian destroys multiple Shanks from a mountain cavern. It will fire at the Guardian from a distance alongside its fellow Shank and Tracer Shank units. As the Hoarder loses one thirds of its health, it will gain an Immunity Shield and fly towards the edge of the cavern while summoning Exploder Shanks. Once it arrives at the caverns edge, it will relinquish its shield and send its forces to enter the cavern to assault the Guardian from within. When the Hoarder loses two thirds of its health, it will once again raise its Immunity Shield and bring forth Exploder Shanks once more. Upon arriving in the cavern, the Hoarder will lower its shield, bringing the fight directly to the Guardian themselves. Once the Hoarder of Tainted Light is slain the encounter is complete.