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Exploder Shanks are unique type of Fallen Shank, belonging to the House of Wolves, House of Devils, and the House of Dusk.


Exploder Shanks will explode when they approach a Guardian or if shot at, similar to a Cursed Thrall or a Vex Fanatic. Although these Shanks were originally from the House of Wolves, they have been seen protecting the modified Shank S.A.B.E.R.-2 in Old Russia, and modified Splicer versions protecting Aksis, Archon Prime, suggesting they are common among the Fallen Houses or have adopted the tactic.

By the time of the Red War, the newly emerged House of Dusk continue to use Exploder Shanks as kamikaze troops in their battles.


Overcharge Shank[edit]

Overcharge Shanks appear during the Exodus Crash strike. They are first encountered when the strike team must defend a platform until their Ghost can hack it. If an Overcharge Shank reaches the platform, then the ground be become electrified and deal damage to the Guardians until they are destroyed. The Overcharge Shanks reappear at the end of the strike and electrify parts of the battleground within the EX-077 Command area when the Guardians challenge Thaviks, the Depraved.

Resilient Exploder Shank[edit]

These are Elite ranks variants of the Exploder Shank which have more health and deal more damage when they explode.

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