Exploder Shank

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Exploder Shank
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House of Wolves
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Exploder Shanks are a variant of Fallen Shank.


Exploder Shanks have been outfitted with high yield explosives by their Fallen creators, and sent to destroy themselves near strong opposition. Originally employed by the House of Wolves, they were later adopted by all the Houses in the Solar System. The Wolves' model have less conspicuous explosives, better integrated in their chassis, while the models seen with the House of Dusk and later syndacates have red hot bombs more crudely strapped onto their chassis.


Exploder Shanks will explode when they approach an enemy or if shot at, similar to a Cursed Thrall or a Vex Fanatic. They are usually sent out in groups, alone or with other Shanks. They can be detected from their constant beeping sound, and will gather energy for a split second before detonating on their own. Thanks to their flight, they can be considerably more dangerous than other suicide units.



  • Originally the Exploder Shanks usually bore the colors of the House of Wolves when they were first introduced. Around the time of The Taken King and Rise of Iron, the Exploder Shanks were recolored blue and white much like the ones that were seen in Fallen S.A.B.E.R..
    • The reason of this is unknown, but was presumably done so that the Repeater Shanks can be used by all Houses, as the House of Devils were seen employing the Shanks into their arsenal.


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