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Grimoire Splicers.jpg
"The Splicers' role within a Fallen House is the equivalent to a mad scientist."
"Or Warlock."
"Sure. Just didn't want to be the one who said it.
Shiro-4 and Ghost

Splicers are a secret collective in Fallen Houses who are charged with augmenting members of their House with cybernetics, unraveling technology, and enhancing the Eliksni species' evolution. All Fallen Houses possess Splicers, filled with their best scientists and engineers.

Skolas, Wolf Kell utilized Wolf and Winter Splicers to hack Vex technology when he broke into the Vault of Glass to later pull the House of Wolves forward in time.

The most notable of this specialized group are the Devil Splicers, a radical sect devoted to the Golden Age technology, SIVA, and have begun shaping a section of the Cosmodrome with it.

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