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"The Splicers' role within a Fallen House is the equivalent to a mad scientist."
"Or Warlock."
"Sure. Just didn't want to be the one who said it.
Shiro-4 and Ghost[1]

Splicers are sects within Fallen Houses, charged with the augmentation of other House members with cybernetics, body hacking, bio-engineering, unraveling technology, and enhancing the Eliksni species' evolution. Most Fallen Houses possess Splicers, filled with their best scientists and engineers.[2]


The most notable of these specialized groups are the Devil Splicers, a radical sect within the House of Devils devoted to the Golden Age technology, SIVA. They were responsible for the creation of the Plaguelands within the Cosmodrome.[2]

Splicers of the House of Light, led by their Kell Mithrax, would later come to the aid of the Last City when it was shrouded in the Vex's Endless Night, in exchange for hospitality within its walls. Their craft proved essential for infiltrating the Vex Network and unraveling the simulation.[3] The House would continue providing assistance in future campaigns of the Vanguard.[4]

When Xivu Arath, God of War began expanding her assault to the Sol System, she started conscripting the House of Salvation into her ranks. Now under the orders of the Witness and Xivu Arath, Eramis sent her Splicers to take over the Seraph Station orbiting Earth.[5] Their attempts however were thwarted by the Guardian in their own attempts to take back control of the Seraph Station.

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