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"I don't have time to explain why I don't have time to explain."
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Social is a game mode of Destiny and Destiny 2. Designated social spaces are non-combat areas where a player may interact with other players. While at a social space, the player camera changes to a third person view. There are four accessible social spaces in Destiny, each with a different set of features available to the player: the Tower, the Vestian Outpost, The Lighthouse, and the Iron Temple. Destiny 2 features a new Tower and The Farm.

Social Spaces[edit]


  • The Lighthouse
    • Accessibility: Earn a flawless victory (9-0) on a single Trials Passage in Trials of Osiris
    • Notable Feature: Treasure Chests for champions of the Trials of Osiris
    • Player Capacity: 9
      • Receive Trials of Osiris flawless victory rewards from chest

Destiny 2[edit]

Current Social Spaces[edit]

Former Social Spaces[edit]


  • While in a social space, players can change which of their three equipped weapons are displayed on their Guardian using the same button that swaps weapons in combat.
  • Prior to the release of Shadowkeep, The Farm was unlocked by completion of the mission Adieu, and the Tower was unlocked by completion of the mission Chosen.

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