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This article is about Raid Lairs. For the longer main Raid activity, see Raids.
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Raid Lairs are a Raid activity that debuted in Curse of Osiris.[1]


Like Raids, Raid Lairs are six-player activities that feature puzzles, challenging bosses, and exclusive loot, as well as Normal and Prestige difficulty options. Where Raid Lairs differ is their length: they are designed to be shorter encounters than full Raids: Eater of Worlds is approximately the same length as Crota's End, while Spire of Stars is slightly longer.[1]

List of Raid Lairs[edit]

Raid Lair Power Level Location Expansion Enemy Races Final Boss
Eater of Worlds 300 The Leviathan, Nessus Orbit Curse of Osiris Cabal, Vex Argos, Planetary Core
Spire of Stars 370 The Leviathan, Nessus Orbit Warmind Cabal Val Ca'uor

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