Leviathan, Spire of Stars

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Eater of Worlds


Last Wish

Spire of Stars





Recommended Power Level:



The Leviathan, Nessus Orbit


Stop the Red Legion invasion upon the Leviathan, destroy their fleet and kill Val Ca'uor.

Enemy faction(s):

Red Legion

Hostile race(s):


Destinypedia has a walkthrough guide for this level; see Leviathan, Spire of Stars/Walkthrough.

On the wings of Icarus.

Leviathan, Spire of Stars is a Raid Lair that was introduced in the Warmind Expansion, and released on the 8th of May, 2018[1] and then sunset with the release of Beyond Light on November 10th, 2020.

Emperor Calus once again calls upon the Guardians for help aboard the Leviathan, where they must repel a Red Legion invasion led by Val Ca'uor at the tower atop the massive world-eating ship.[2]



Statue Garden[edit]

Once the fireteam has spawned into the raid lair, you must jump into a central area of the map, known as the "statue garden". In the direct center of the area is a large flaming cauldron, in which an engulfed orb must be thrown to activate the encounter. Arrange your fireteam into 2 groups of three; three guardians on the top section of the map, and three on the bottom. (For this guide, top is considered the area by the water, while the bottom is considered the area closer to the spawn point and drop off). Around the arena are 4 pillars. These pillars must be raised fully, and kept raised or else the team will wipe. In order to fully raise a pillar, a guardian must stand on it with an orb. If a player jumps on without an orb, they will receive the engulfed debuff. If a player acquires this debuff, they must catch a charged or uncharged orb within 15 seconds, or they will die. The orb spawns in the center of the top portion of the map. Before starting, assign 4 players to their own pillar, and two "flex players" (who will relay the orb between pillars if needed and help kill enemies in the playing area). The top flex player will pick up the orb, toss it to one of the top pillars, who will then engulf the ball and throw it at the center cauldron. The pillars will then lower, the area will become a restricted zone and the encounter will officially start. The top flex will once again pass the orb to (preferably) the same pillar, who will then engulf the orb and stand on their pillar, until it is completely raised. Once raised, this player will then pass the orb to the next player in the rotation. It is important to note that the orb can be passed either clockwise or counterclockwise, so long as every player receives it, and raises their pillar up. Eventually, high value targets will spawn (centurions on the first phase, gladiators on the second and colossus on the third), and the shield around the cauldron will lower. A message will indicate this is the bottom left corner, stating "Shield Lowered". At this point, the orb should be passed to whoever is fourth in the rotation (fourth pillar player to receive the charged orb), and they need to throw the orb into the center cauldron, as fast as possible, in order to continue. Repeat this process twice more to receive your loot (shaders, a legendary engram and the "I'm Open!" emote, upon first completion of the encounter)

Repel the Assault[edit]

This encounter sets up the basic mechanics used to battle Val Ca'uor. There are four large white plates with two on the left and two on the right. When all four of the white plates are stepped on at the same time, an orange lift will activate at the top platform. (For this guide; when facing the outside window, the plates will be numbered 1-4 from left to right) The central structure below the lift have 3 doors each with a smaller plate that has a symbol in the center. These symbols are frequently designated as their outer shapes; triangle on the right side, circle in the center and square on the left. Assign the fireteam into one of two roles. Four players are needed to hold down the white plates to activate the lift and two "flex" players; one for each side. It is important for the fireteam to know their designated roles and call out their position when communicating to avoid confusion. Stepping into all four plates will activate a buff called Superior Retainer which is given to three random players. A player who possesses Superior Retainer is able to go up the lift into space and survive. The players who receive the buff that are the "flex" role should take priority over any of the players on the plates. If a player on a plate receives Superior Retainer and both floaters do not, then the floater on the respective side needs to substitute for holding the plate to activate the lift. The player with Superior Retainer will take the lift up into space and scout for one of the holographic ships highlighted with one of the symbols above and needs to relay the information to the rest of the fireteam. After the call out has been made, the fireteam must leave their positions to hold down the symbols. All three symbol plates must be stood on to open the doors.

At the same time, an orb will be deposited to one of the plates. The orb must be engulfed with greed, which can be taken by the whitish mist on the platform above and thrown into door in front of the corresponding symbol that was called out. If done correctly; a weapon on the Leviathan (Laser Beam, Missile Barrage or Fusion Missile) will be armed in the chat message in the lower corner. Note that the Superior Retainer buff is not needed to throw the orb and arm the weapon. By now, more powerful adds including Honored Colossus will be spawning, so it is imperative that they are dealt with as soon as possible. Once the weapon has been armed, another orb will spawn and a player with Superior Retainer (Usually the same who had went up to scout) needs to engulf it with greed and will take it up the lift back up into space. Throw the engulfed orb at the highlighted ship to destroy it.

After the ship is destroyed, the cycle must be repeated a total of three times before the encounter ends. A reward chest will spawn at the elevated platform just after entering the observatory.

Val Ca'uor[edit]

This encounter expands upon the mechanics of the Repel the Assault encounter. The encounter begins when a player approaches the Calus robot on the center platform. After Val Ca'uor drops onto the plate, a wave of adds will spawn. Clear adds until Val squats in an artillery position. An orb will launch to one of the four plates. After a player catches it, every fireteam member must hold the orb to remove the "engulfed" debuff. The last player must then throw the orb at Val.

A wave of Gladiators will drop onto the plates in Cabal Drop Pods. Kill them, and three Guardians will be assigned "Superior Retainer". Stand on the four plates and send a Superior Guardian up the lift to scout for two symbols. After calling them, two orbs must be Greed charged in the clear flames and thrown into the corresponding symbol areas to arm the laser and missle barrage. Stand on the plates again to activate the lift. Two Superior Guardians must Greed charge the orbs and go up the lift. Then, throw the orbs at the highlighted ships.

Have the team move behind Val. Two players must stay by the plates to catch three orbs to distribute between the team. Hang onto the orbs as much as possible without reaching Greed x10. Calus will rise up and open his hand. When it glows, throw all orbs at it and the DPS phase will begin.

After Val Ca'uor's health is depleted, eight orbs will drop. Pick them up quickly and throw the orbs at Val. If the team drops his shield, the encounter is complete.


  • Emperor Calus Tokens
  • Spire Star Emblem
  • Grind Underfoot Emblem
  • Together, for Glory! Emblem
  • Praetorian Visage Shader
  • Calus's Shadow Shader (Prestige only)
  • Raid Lair-specific armor sets
  • Raid Lair-specific ornaments (Prestige only)
  • Sleeper Simulant Catalyst (Prestige only)
  • Contender's Shell



  • Spire of Stars is the first Raid activity to feature an actual Cabal as a boss. The Emperor Calus boss fought at the end of the Leviathan raid was a proxy robot.
    • The Spire of Stars is also the second Raid activity that has the Cabal as the central enemy. The Leviathan Raid being the first.
  • The encounter against Val Ca'uor features the most mechanics out of any encounter in any Raid or Raid Lair.
  • Val Ca'uor is considered the second-hardest final Raid boss in Destiny history, second to Riven of a Thousand Voices