Leviathan, Eater of Worlds

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Spire of Stars

Eater of Worlds


Curse of Osiris



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The Leviathan, Nessus Orbit


Assist Emperor Calus with clearing out a Vex transgression in the Leviathan's core.

Destinypedia has a walkthrough guide for this level; see Leviathan, Eater of Worlds/Walkthrough.

In the belly of the beast.

Leviathan, Eater of Worlds is a Raid Lair in Curse of Osiris. Leviathan, Eater of Worlds has a recommended Power Level of power level fix.[1] This Raid Lair was made available to players on December 5th, 2017, and retired for sunsetting on November 10, 2020.

Guardians will return to The Leviathan, the ship of Emperor Calus and site of the Leviathan Raid, but instead of exploring the ship's palace, they will venture deep inside the ship's massive engine to battle a new threat. The Guardians will attempt to rid a massive barrier clogging at the ship's maw by defeating the Vex mind Argos, Planetary Core.

Unique enemies[edit]




Upon transmat back to The Leviathan, players will approach the first door seen. Now unlocked, it will open and allow the fireteam to venture into a deeper segment of the ship. As they progress, the player will have to jump through holes in a giant gear blocking their path. Failure to jump through one of the holes at the right time will result in death. Once they pass this, they will leap even deeper into the ship and land in the ship's reactor.

Reactor Room[edit]

To proceed through the reactor, players will have to cross a series of platforms that rise out of the coolant. Only one player can be on any single platform at a time. If more than one player is on one, it will sink into the coolant, resulting in death unless they can reach an unoccupied platform or return to the nearest waypoint. Once the first platform has a Guardian on it, the next platform will rise and the leading player can jump onto that one while another jumps onto the previous platform. The cycle will be repeated until the platforms lead to a waypoint. Along the way, Psions will appear and try snipe at you: it is best to simply dodge in order to avoid missing your window to reach the next platform. Note that there is a time limit to cross the platforms: if time runs out, the reactor's temperature will rise, retracting all of the platforms and wiping everyone on them. Once the waypoint is reached, a squad of Loyalist must be defeated before proceeding to the next set of platforms.

For the second set of platforms, the fireteam must split in two, with three Guardians using the path on the right and three using the left. The third set of platforms requires this split to occur halfway through the path, so placing an experienced player in the fourth position is advised. For the fourth and final set of platforms, the path becomes much more complicated, and players will often have to jump over one another to reach the next platform. Simply keep your eyes fixed on the person in front of you and pay attention to where they jump.

Once the team makes it past the four series of platforms, they will have to fend off several waves of Loyalists that appear on both sides of what becomes the battlefield. The team must dispatch each wave until four Colossi arrive. Once they have all been defeated Calus will call off the attack and open a hatch leading deeper into the ship. The lair's first loot chest will appear in front of this hatch, and once collected the fireteam can progress further into the Leviathan.

Delve Deeper[edit]

To proceed through the next room players will have to pay attention to the large pistons overhead. When these pistons fire, all of the exposed players not protected by shielding walls on the path ahead will be killed. In order to progress, players simply have to make their way from wall to wall while the pistons are retracting. Pay attention to audio cues in order to arrive safely at the next area.

After entering a long cylindrical tunnel, players will be propelled out into a large open area where they have to avoid debris and land safely on the platform below. Using jumps is essential to avoiding fatal contact with the floating debris. In order to unlock an additional reward chest, the players must fly through seven rings on their way down: each ring is highlighted in red if it has not yet been passed through. There are three rings to the left of the arena, and three to the right and one additional ring in the middle set. If a fireteam fails to make it through every ring before reaching the platform below, they can reset by jumping off the edge and respawning at the tunnel above. Once these rewards have been claimed, progress over the platforms ahead and down to the first Argos encounter.

Break the Barrier[edit]

This encounter sets up the mechanics used to battle Argos. There are three larger sections, each with a set of three braziers at their center. The flames coming out of these braziers dictate which element that platform is infused with - Void, Arc and Solar. In between the larger sections are smaller platforms and debris that can be jumped on to bridge the gaps between each elemental section. On one piece of debris in each of these "bridging" sections there lies a Vex Cranium. This cranium looks like a small gun and can be charged in one of the elemental braziers. Lastly, the center of the room has a large pyramidal vex construct, which encases Argos. On each side, Void, Arc, and Solar, there are two sets of 3 rings indented in Argos' cover. There are two roles during this fight, 3 runners and 3 defenders. Each runner is assigned an element and so is each defender. The runner will typically pick up craniums to the left of their elemental section to avoid stealing another section's cranium.

As soon as the first cranium is picked up the encounter begins and there will be a chat message in the lower left corner of the screen saying Quantum Mines are armed or something to that effect. One of the sets of 3 indentations will begin to glow. During this period the runners will begin charging their first cranium at their respective element. As soon as the first cranium is "cooking" they will run back to where they started to find a second uncharged cranium in a different nearby spawn. The craniums take about 30 seconds to "cook" until they are ready to be picked up and fired. While this is happening the defenders will be clearing adds that are constantly spawning down the platform to the left and right, and also occasionally at the braziers. It should be noted that every time a cranium gets put in a brazier an orange bar minotaur will spawn down the platform.

The defenders are also in charge of communicating what the callout is. As soon as a defender sees mines on their side glowing they call out what elements they see and what side they are on. For example, 2 purple and 1 white at solar side would be 2 void and 1 arc at solar. There are only 2 uncharged craniums for each element but each cranium has enough firepower to take out 1.5 mines, and if you are using the gauntlet raid mod for +20% damage on melee kill you can take out 2 mines with one cranium after punching a goblin or similar enemy. After the first callout the mines will continue spawning in a clockwise manner until all 6 sets have been defused with craniums. If you take too long to shoot a mine you will begin to hear a cyclical low tone indicating a wipe is near. If you take too long this speeds up and the mine detonates, wiping the raid. If you are successful at taking out all the mines you are rewarded with a chest at the Void side.

Argos, Planetary Core[edit]

This encounter expands upon the mechanics of Breaking the Barrier. Just as before we are charging craniums to match the callout but this time we are fighting Argos, Planetary Core. Additionally, this time both the runner and defender are going to be grabbing an uncharged vex cranium to begin. The simplest method for fight Argos involves waiting for him to face an elemental side and three orbs to spawn, one above him, one to his left, and one to his right. At this point someone on that side will call out what side he is facing and what the three orbs are.

Phase One: Cooking the Craniums[edit]

For the sake of simplicity, many groups will send the three defenders to the plate he is facing and the 3 runners will fill in what is needed. An example would be Argos is facing Arc side and the three orbs are 2 Void and 1 Solar. The three defenders go to Arc, and the runners figure out amongst themselves who is going to Solar while the other two go Void. A notable exception is when there are only two elements needed, the side Argos is facing and one of the other elements. An example would be when Argos faces Arc side but the orbs are 2 Arc and 1 Void. In this case, the 3 defenders would still go Arc but all 2 runners would go Void.

When you reach the correct platform you begin "cooking" your cranium and clearing adds. Typically one of the defenders will be a Hunter running tether with Orpheus Rig, generating a preposterous amount of orbs at the side Argos is facing, also known as the DPS plate. Once the craniums at the offplates are done cooking they are brought to the dps plate where players assign themselves to an orb to shoot. Only 3 craniums are needed for this and the other three are saved for doing damage to Argos during the DPS phase. If you are assigned to an orb you will shoot it and as it gets hit by the correct cranium, it will move towards the center of Argos. You will "walk" it there with continuous fire and when it reaches the center it will explode. All three orbs must explode within a reasonable time of each other, about 5 seconds. At this point, a hole will appear in Argos' shield.

Phase Two: DPS[edit]

Unlike in the Calus fight on Leviathan, there is no need for the fireteam to be bunched together. Although empowering rifts and rally barricades are beneficial, all members of the raid need to be cognizant of the mechanics to utilize these efficiently. Firstly, when his shield pops, Argos will shoot out a triangle mesh net towards the center of the braziers. If you are hit with this you will be trapped in a net and float away to your death unless the fireteam shoots you out of it. This takes away from DPSing the boss so everyone should dodge this attack.

At this time the other three craniums should be fired into him as well as any juice left in the three used to pop his shield as these do more damage than your guardian could ever hope to on his/her own. If there are a lot of orbs its super time and if not just hit Argos with your power weapon, such as Whisper, Sleeper, D.A.R.C.I., linear fusion rifles, or IKELOS_SR_V1.0.1. For Warlocks bottom tree Voidwalker is recommended (aim it real high, like above his head) as the top tree homing Void bomb can get shot down and will also shield Argos from incoming damage when it is hit. Warlocks should also run Lunafaction Boots with an Empowering Rift to maximize DPS. Hunters should run the bottom tree Gunslinger with a Celestial Nighthawk or the top tree Nightstalker with Orpheus Rig, but Nightstalkers must be careful to not generate their orbs on slopes, or else they will fall off. For Titans the only real choice here is Hammers, and Rally Barricades should be used in case there are no Warlocks with Lunafaction Boots equipped.

After about 20 seconds the first wave of homing, exploding harpies will spawn. Three of them will be on either side of Argos and these are easily spotted as they look much sleeker than the normal harpies. They also have a white glowing light on their front and they will kill low resilience guardians if you don't shoot them down quickly. Shortly after dealing with the harpies Argos will fire another net at the fireteam, so once again, dodge this and continue with DPS. After some time, maybe 45 seconds-1 minute, his shield will close back up and a final wave of suicide harpies will spawn. At this point, the DPS phase is over and you will ignore the fact that he is facing another side with 3 new orbs because it's time for...

Phase Three: Don't Wipe[edit]

Argos' shield will completely disappear and a series of curved platforms will appear around him. He will begin charging up to wipe the raid. In order to avoid this, he must be staggered two times. There are 6 weak points on his body, meaning you can have a total of 4 DPS phases before it's all over. These weak points glow white and can be found on his head (2), lower arm (2), and back (2). It doesn't matter which two spots you target so long as two get destroyed each wipe phase. Teams typically stick to left side head and arm, right side head and arm, and back for groupings as these require little movement in between weak spots. The key here is not how much damage you are doing so put away that rocket launcher, we want sustained critical damage. If you are hitting the white part you will see the yellow critical damage and that is crucial. If you aren't doing critical damage you aren't accomplishing anything. People love to run Coldheart/Prometheus Lens here as they are high ammo sustained damage guns. Other good guns would be pulse or auto rifles. As the spot turns red it will reach a point where it blows up and Argos staggers. Do this to two spots and you have avoided certain death. After doing so jump off the platforms as they will disappear and reset to your original position for phase 1.

Repeat the three phases until Argos is dead. At that point, you will be teleported back to the chamber in the Leviathan after you defeat Calus. A chest is waiting for you there.


  • Emperor Calus Tokens
  • Emperor's Envy Emblem
  • Covetous Emperor Emblem (Prestige only)
  • Calus's Elite Shader
  • Calus's Preferred Shader (Prestige only)
  • Raid Lair-specific armor sets
  • Raid Lair-specific ornaments (Prestige only)
  • Telesto Catalyst (Prestige only)
  • Contender's Shell



  • Leviathan, Eater of Worlds is the second Raid activity to involve fighting more than one enemy species, but the first to involve fighting two species that are enemies of one another in the same raid.
  • Leviathan, Eater of Worlds is the first and only raid to have a World First team consisted of random players that met through a looking for game pick up group, commonly called an LFG group.