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A Grimoire Card of Solar

"Sometimes the only answer is to burn it all away."
— Grimoire

Solar is one of several known manifestations of the Light, along with Void and Arc. It is related to combustion, heat and nuclear fusion, and can be wielded by Guardians to generate flames and other heat-related phenomena. It is also one of four classes of elemental damage common to all Guardian weapons.


Solar energy can be integrated into vehicles such as sparrows, even certain clothing that have a program to it is capable of enhancing the use of Solar.[1][2] There are even places that can refine items from solar energy.[3][4] There are even locations that harness energy from the Sun and converts it to Solar Light.[5] Some Guardians can use Solar energy to create cooking fires.[6]

The Sunbreakers are a mercenary order of Titans that are exceptionally skilled at wielding Solar Light, manifesting it as the weapon known as the Hammer of Sol.

Gunslinger hunters use solar light to draw out flaming pistol known as Golden gun.

Warlocks known as sunsingers buff themselves using solar light to rapidly increase their grenade recharge rate and to gain other various benefits. In Destiny 2 this ability was replaced with Dawnblade.

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