Song of Flame

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A Warlock using Song of Flame against the Taken

Song of Flame is a Warlock Super introduced during The Final Shape. It is available to use on both Dawnblade and Prismatic subclasses.


When activated, the Warlock will unleash their inner fire, making themselves Radiant, giving them damage negation, and enhanced abilities that recharge very quickly. While in Song of Flame, grenades turn into sentient Flame Wisps that will track onto targets and detonate in a scorching explosion before tracking to one additional target. The melee ability will now launch additional projectiles when cast. Casting Song of Flame will also instantly restore all abilities.

Additionally, allies that stand near the Warlock are also given damage negation, improved ability regeneration, and their Solar and Kinetic weapons will apply scorch.

In order to acquire Song of Flame, players must complete the mission Ascent during the Final Shape campaign.

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