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"It came from the Emperor Himself."
Primus Ta'aun[1]

Emperor is the title held by the ruler of the Cabal Empire.[2] It was abolished temporarily by Dominus Ghaul during his reign until Caiatl reinstated it.


According to Cabal myth, the first Emperor was Acrius, a hero who ascended to the throne by capturing the sun.[3]

During the era of the Praetorate, the position of Emperor was reduced to a figurehead while the Praetorate held all actual power. The Empress at that time was nearing the end of her life, so to avoid dealing with her succession, the Praetorate placed her aboard a ramscoop-equipped starship and sent it on an endless circuit of the empire so that the time dilation involved with relativistic travel would put off her death indefinitely. Her heir, the Prince-Designate Calus, was likewise nothing more than a mouthpiece and propagandist for the Praetorate. The Empress committed suicide after some time, and Calus led a revolution that overthrew the Praetorate and crowned himself Emperor.[4]

When Dominus Ghaul overthrew Calus, Ghaul refused to call himself Emperor, insisting that there would be no more Emperors. Nonetheless, a number of Cabal continued to refer to Ghaul as "the Emperor" as his authority was functionally the same. In his exile, Calus continued to use the title and considered himself the last Cabal Emperor and the last true Cabal.[5] After Ghaul's death at the hands of the Guardians in the Red War along with Ca'our's subsequent defeat, Caiatl ascended to the Imperial throne and became the new Empress of the Cabal.[6]

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  • The office of Emperor may be the subject of worship for the Cabal soldiers, based on Ta'aun's words and the Cabal's overall fanaticism for victory or death, given that all Cabal who are deployed are exiled from the Empire until they succeed in their task. This can be a homage to the Imperial Cult of the Warhammer 40000 mythos.

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