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Broken Legion


Escape the Prison of Elders


Valus Trau'ug (desceaced)
Val Aru'un (desceaced)


Prison of Elders


The Broken Legion is a small Cabal detachment contained in the Prison of Elders.[1]


The soldiers of the Broken Legion had plans to attack the Reef. However, the Cabal High Command ignored their pleas, causing the legion to massacre the commanding officers, marking them as traitors of the Cabal Empire. The Broken Legion then set a course for the Reef, but through some unknown means, they became denizens of the Prison of Elders. The legion continues to wait until they face challengers from the outside world in the hope of ascension.[2]

Later, it was revealed that the Legion was a Trojan horse set-up by the Red Legion. Rather than letting the Reef know of this, Uldren Sov remained silent on the revelation, which allowed the Red Legion to set up a foothold in the Reef. [3]

Notable members[edit]


  • It's unknown how the Broken Legion was captured by the Reef. It's possible that this situation happened during the Reef Wars.
  • Soldiers of the Broken Legion have the exact same armor coloration as the Dust Giants, so it is possible that most of them were former members of the Dust Giants. Though since one of their commanders, Valus Trau'ug, has the exact same armor and symbol of the Blind Legion, it is also possible that they are an amalgamation of deserted members from both legions.
  • It's possible that the Broken Legion was not a renegade legion, but a decoy for Ghaul's own purposes, or a renegade group used by the Red Legion for unknown reasons.

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