Ice Reapers

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Ice Reapers


Elite Psionic Operations


Kolar, Psion Flayer
Numoc, Psion Flayer
Vatch, Psion Flayer


Dust Palace


Meridian Bay, Mars
Prison of Elders, Reef


The Ice Reapers are a Cabal detachment of elite Psion Flayers.[1]


The Ice Reapers are among the more diminutive but powerful Cabal detachments deployed to Mars; they are even speculated to have moved Phobos' orbital position to its current state over Mars. They first engaged the Guardians with a squad of Psion Flayers, as well as the three Psion Operants that appear earlier in the Dust Palace,[1] and again with three more Flayers that appear in the Prison of Elders when Val Aru'un is one of the bosses.[2]

Notable Members[edit]


  • The Ice Reapers is the only Cabal detachment not to have its own Grimoire card.
  • Due to the Legion name, fans have speculated there is a secret Cabal base on Europa or the polar caps of Mars.[3] On the other hand, the word "reap" connotes the Psions' role as support units, given they are never deployed in large numbers and are trusted to handle Cabal technology.[4]

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