Eligos Lex V

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Eligos Lex V
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Cabal Empire

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Cabal Warship

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Empress Caiatl


Eligos Lex V is a massive Cabal Warship that serves as the personal flagship of Empress Caiatl.


Empress Caiatl observes the events of the Glykon Volatus from the Eligos Lex V. It is unknown what exact Cabal ship class the Eligos Lex V is, however, Caiatl refers to it as a "cruiser" during the investigation of the Glykon, suggesting it to be one of the few left behind by Umun'arath and Dominus Ghaul's retrofits of the Cabal Armada.[1]


  • The site in which Empress Caiatl and Commander Zavala negotiate an alliance may be located on the Eligos Lex V as the background matches none seen on the Halphas Electus and the room follows a similar design to most Cabal naval bridges with a wide hall emplaced with a central holo-projector.
  • The ship's name translates to 'I will choose the law' in Latin.

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