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War Beast
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War Beast


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KineticS.png Teeth, Claws, Back Blades


Rapid Movement


War Beasts are the Cabal's frontline attack animals and military hounds used by the Red Legion, Imperial Cabal, and the Shadow Legion.[1]


War Beasts are feral, vicious attack animals deployed by the Cabal as either shock troops, a distraction, trackers, or as cannon fodder to protect their other forces. These beasts are quick and highly aggressive and will attack any enemy in sight. They are also very tenacious and will not stop until either they or their enemies are dead. They were native to Torobatl.

During the reign of Emperor Calus, War Beasts were seen as a revered and respected part of Cabal culture; each one being bred to serve a specific handler from birth and as such, their bond with their handler was unrivaled. However, according to Calus, after he was ousted and Dominus Ghaul took over the Empire, War Beasts were treated more of a military asset rather than a personal companion. [2] However due to Calus also using them in the same role with his Loyalists and later Shadow Legion, such claims are dubious.


War Beasts have no ranged attack abilities but compensate for this with their incredible agility and unyielding ferocity. While they are weak individually, and can be downed in just a few shots, they make up for this by being deployed in large numbers which can easily overwhelm enemies. Once they get in close to their enemies, they will relentlessly strike at them with their claws, teeth and blades affixed to their backs.[3]


Notable Variants
Common Variants
Specific Variants

Known War Beasts[edit]

Royal Beasts[edit]

  • Aru'un
  • B'ael
  • Gra'ask
  • M'orn
  • Ta'aurc
  • Tho'ourg
  • Va'ase
  • Za'ahn

War Beasts[edit]


  • War Beasts are the first animal enemies to ever appear in the Destiny franchise, and are the first quadruped creatures the player can interact with.
  • When killed by a headshot, their bodies burst with the same Cabal oil that their suits use.
  • Cabal troops within the Red Legion and Loyalists (with the exception of psions) wear bodysuits made from War Beast scales. Additionally, all War Beasts (including Loyalists) have a Red Legion brand on their hind leg. This could be a developer mistake for the latter, or it could be that only the Red Legion uses War Beasts and defectors to the Loyalists take the Beasts with them for additional forces, the brand still remaining.
  • When a Finisher is being performed on a War Beast, it will stand up on its hind legs.
  • War Beasts have different pelt colors. With the Red Legion beasts coming in red and black. And Loyalist and Shadow Legion beasts coming in white.


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