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Issue: Helmet[edit]

So, the helmet of a War Beast serves no purpose but limited head protection(they're basically cannon fodder, so if anything, protect the most vulnerable spot) and, well, that's about it really. But keen observers will notice that the helmet(or forehead-plate, or whatever) also protects four tubes that, upon close inspection, run directly into the animal's head. The purpose of these tubes is for transport of the same black oil used in Cabal armor, as evidenced by the spray of it during a headshot kill on either race. The purpose of the oil is to pressurize Cabal suits and, likely, deliver vital respiratory gases(Talk:Colossus) and/or nutrients. The fact that both Cabal and War Beasts use this same oil for the same purpose indicates that both species are from the same planet, or similar planets with similar atmospheres. --User:C0mmanderTh0rn (Talk)

I would like permission to add this information to the official War Beast article, so please get back to me, or add your thoughts on the topic. :) Be brave.

Issue: Missions[edit]

War Beasts are in a LOT of Missions, Strikes, etc. Probably too many to be put in the infobox. Therefore, I move we add a section called, "In-Game Appearances," or something of that sort, to list out every activity the unit appears in. Probably be a good thing for every page involving a person, place, or thing to have. --User:C0mmanderTh0rn (Talk)