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Warden of the Infinite Forest
The Phoenix
Phoenix of the Dark Ages
Vanguard Advisor
Scholar of the Cosmos







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Vanguard Commander (formerly)


Warlock (Dawnblade, Voidwalker, Sunsinger, Stormcaller)

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Capable of creating Reflections of Light
Hero of Six Fronts
Previously exiled from the City
Wielder of Strand


"If I don't stop the Vex, there won't be anything to come back to."
— Osiris

Osiris is a legendary Warlock and former Vanguard Commander who was exiled from The Last City due to his obsession with the Vex. During his exile, Osiris continued his research on the Vex and discovered the Infinite Forest on Mercury, which he proceeded to explore in an effort to thwart the Vex's plans for the Solar System. After being aided by The Guardian and Ikora Rey in stopping Panoptes, Infinite Mind, Osiris re-established connections with the Last City and continued exploring the Infinite Forest while seeking the means to save Saint-14 from his death within the Vex machine. After succeeding in saving his partner, Osiris departed Mercury to gather allies and information about a dark future he saw approaching the solar system.

After an encounter with an agent of Xivu Arath resulted in the death of his Ghost, Sagira, Osiris lost his connection to the Light. For a period of time, he was then possessed by Savathûn, the Witch Queen, who used his form to walk among the people of the Last City and spy on the Vanguard. He was later released by Savathûn, but remained in a coma, which he awoke from after being given a Darkness-infused brew prepared from the remains of Nezarec by Mithrax, Kell of Light. He has since continued his work with the Vanguard, though no longer taking an active combat role due to the loss of his Ghost, and most recently accompanied the Guardian to Neomuna on a mission to stop the Shadow Legion from acquiring the Veil and later assume a passive role in mentoring Guardians with the Darkness-aligned power of Strand and studying the Veil.


Establishing the Last City

"You want to give me control over the databases? The Vaults? Jurisdiction over Owl Sector, access to the Last City grimoire?"
— Osiris, after Saint-14 suggested he become Vanguard Commander

During the earliest days of the Last City, Osiris studied under the Warlock Iron Lords Felwinter and Nirwen and eventually became as legendary as them, although he never joined their order. After the death of his mentors and all of the other Iron Lords aside from Lord Saladin Forge and Lady Efrideet, the Last City was thrown into turmoil. A man known as the Speaker rose to power and established the Consensus and Vanguard, with Tallulah Fairwind being appointed Hunter Vanguard and Osiris' friend Saint-14 becoming Titan Vanguard.[1]

In the aftermath of the Fallen attack on the Last City known as Six Fronts, Osiris met with Saint-14 on a Tower platform that overlooked one of the roads into the city, which was still aflame and strewn with debris from the recent battle. Osiris commented upon his friend's new title of Vanguard Commander and called it ludicrous, but the Titan retorted that the Consensus had wanted new leadership in the aftermath of the near destruction of the Last City. As he manipulated a Vex device, Osiris reassured his friend that he was sure he would serve them well, but was astonished when Saint-14 declared he would be giving up the position for a special mission given to him by the Speaker to be a soldier, not a Titan. Noting his wording, Osiris worried over what the Speaker had requested of him and declared the Speaker was leading him astray after Saint-14 revealed he had been ordered to take the fight to Fallen across the system and hunt them down. Osiris attempted to argue that the Fallen were not so different from them and had lost much in their past, including the Traveler. His friend refused to listen, declaring that he did not believe that story and that the Fallen were all the same and had done too much to humanity. Osiris countered that the Vex and the Darkness were the true enemies and that the Fallen were nothing compared to them, angering the Titan, who told him to just look past the wall at the destruction caused by the Fallen. Osiris stated he simply saw the whole picture and ignored the allegation that he had lost sight of why the Guardians fought. He questioned who Saint-14 was going to recommended to be his replacement, and was stunned once more when the ex-commander chose him. Caught off-guard, Osiris questioned if Saint-14 really wanted Osiris to have control over all of the Last City's resources. His friend informed him that despite their disagreements, he believed Osiris was one of the few who could protect the Last City and that should the Fallen ever come in force again he would need to defend the Last City in Saint-14's stead, a condition which Osiris readily accepted.[2]

Despite his criticisms of the Speaker, as Vanguard Commander Osiris and the Speaker grew close, and he became the Speaker's apprentice for a time.[3] Several decades after the establishment of the Last City, Osiris and the Speaker sent Saint-14 to hunt down and kill the Fallen mercenary Taniks, the Scarred after he murdered the Hunter Nian Ruo and several other Guardians. While Saint-14 failed to find Taniks, the mercenary was found by Cayde-6, a comrade of Nian's seeking revenge, and was believed to have ended the life of the notorious Fallen, although Taniks secretly survived. Osiris attended a party thrown in celebration of Taniks' supposed demise and to welcome Andal Brask to the rank of Hunter Vanguard, which he had to accept due to losing a bet with Cayde about who would kill Taniks.[4]

Road to Exile

"I know why you're here."
"I should hope so."
"This meeting was prophesied. As is my impending banishment.
— Osiris and Ikora, following his banishment by the Consensus[5]
Osiris battling the Vex

Osiris' desire for truth about the purpose of Guardians and the nature of Darkness drove him to madness. His theories were not only considered borderline blasphemous, but he was also diverting Guardians and resources away from protecting the City and refugees, and towards chasing legends and rumors, such as the Vault of Glass; it's implied that he was the one who inspired Kabr, the Legionless into going into the Vault.[6] He studied the Hive, in particular prophesying the coming of Oryx,[7] and is also rumored to have come "too close to understanding the Vex".[8] His obsession with the nature of the Darkness and misuse of resources eventually drove the Speaker to exile him, as the Speaker believed he had become as obsessed with the Vex as Toland, the Shattered had with the Hive.[6] He is described as having a cult of personality, and has a number of disciples, such as Brother Vance, who attempt to see how far the Light can be bent before it can be broken.[9] Osiris himself seems to have vanished, even from those who follow him, some claiming that he is at once "alive and dead."[6]

Before his exile, his student Ikora Rey and his old friend Saint-14 made numerous attempts to bring him back to leading the Vanguard but Osiris refused, growing more obsessed with his research on the Vex. More troubling was Osiris was growing disillusioned with the Speaker and the Consensus, viewing that a single leader ruling wasn't civilization but a dictatorship and saw the Traveler as the bringer of their troubles. As Osiris further immersed himself in his research and neglected his duties as Vanguard Commander, his growing "followers" began to spread his messages and teachings like religious works. Though Osiris resented this behavior, he did nothing to stop it and this furthered the schism between him and his former teacher, the Speaker. Though the Speaker banned his research tomes from the City, Osiris' followers continued to grow and spread his "messages", some even camping out at his old home. Even though Ikora was finally able to get Osiris to partake in the Vanguard again, he ended up getting into vicious arguments with the Speaker continuously over the Traveler, how the City was being led, the threat of the Vex and on the purpose of the Guardians. Their arguments soon began to spread amongst the Guardians, leading to fights breaking out between those who saw Osiris as a savior and others who saw him as a heretic. Finally fed up with Osiris and his hubris, the Speaker gathered the factions, Guardians and citizens of the City during a Consensus meeting, declaring Osiris a "cancer" and to be exiled immediately. Despite Ikora's defense of her teacher, Osiris himself entered and declared he would willingly leave the City but left Ikora with one last lesson and the burden of rebuilding the Warlock Vanguard.

Time in Exile

Whether before or after his banishment, Osiris held council with the other two powers of the Solar System, the Queen of the Reef and The Nine. His arrangements with the Queen extend to his followers, explaining their presence in the Vestian Outpost.[10] He also receives reports from Eris Morn[11] and has employed the Sunbreakers to work for him. The Disciples of Osiris held a Crucible tournament in his honor called the Trials of Osiris, where they sought to recruit the toughest Guardians to their cause. During the events of the Red War Osiris makes contact with Failsafe during the Young Wolf and their Ghost's attempt to steal data from the Vex network through nodes on Nessus. Greeting the Golden Age AI, he asked her to pass along his regards to the Guardian, whose Ghost decided that they needed to inform Ikora of Osiris' presence.[12]

The Hunt for Panoptes

Osiris battling Panoptes

Osiris finally appears in-person and serves as a central figure in the DLC, Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris. Having returned after years of exile, Osiris makes contact with his former student, Ikora Rey, informing her that the Vex from both past and future timelines are amassing on Mercury. Though distrustful of her former teacher, knowing his dangerous ideas nearly destroyed the Vanguard, she sends the Guardian to find him and determine whether he will be a powerful ally against the Vex or a dangerous enemy. It is also revealed that during his exile researching the Vex Infinite Forest, he created Reflections of himself that communicated with him and each other on Vex activities through time. Osiris' main goal is to destroy the Vex Mind directing their efforts in the Solar System, Panoptes, Infinite Mind but despite his efforts, all he could do was slow its progress.

During a mission through the Vex timeline, Osiris learns of the Traveler's awakening and sees a future where the Vex succeed in their plans in dominating reality which horrifies the exile. Before he can explain to his Ghost Sagira, Panoptes discover their presence and the Vex attack them. Cornered, Osiris sends his Ghost through the Infinite Gate to save her and find help, despite her protests. Sagira gets damaged during the forced escaped and Osiris goes into hiding as the Vex close in. Sagira manages to return with help in the form of The Guardian and with the aid of Ikora, they travel through the Infinite Forest to search for the exile but only find his Reflections. The Reflections guide the Guardian as they learn of the Vex's plans, showing them of the Simulant Future where the Vex have won, and of how to locate Panoptes' lair in order to destroy the Mind. However, as they succeeded in learning the location of Panoptes' lair, Infinity's Crown, Sagira gets captured by the Infinite Mind. During the Guardian's battle with Panoptes itself, they were unable to damage the Mind and as they are about to be deleted, Osiris and his many Reflections come to their aid, stopping the deletion from completing. With little time, Osiris provides Arc charges to the Guardian to disrupt Panoptes into revealing its "eye", its only known weakness. Together, they succeed in destroying the Infinite Mind forever and free Sagira, thereby preventing the dark future from ever occurring. Departing Infinity's Crown back to Mercury, Osiris is reunited with his former student, Ikora Rey. Their reunion is pleasant and they return to being friends as he is proud of her. He politely turns down her offer to return to the City as he states there are other Vex plots to prevent but before leaving, Osiris tells the Guardians that in all of his predictions, they were the one thing he did not foresee and because of them, they all now have a future. He then travels through the Infinite Gate once more to combat the Vex but tells Ikora that the path to the Infinite Forest remains open should she or the Guardians ever need him or would like to talk, to which Ikora kindly agrees.

Guardian of the Infinite Forest

Fighting for Control of the Forest

One of Osiris's many Reflections.

Shortly after the defeat of Panoptes, Osiris was separated from Sagira within the Infinite Forest when he returned to the dark future of the ruined Lighthouse. Meditating within the simulation as Vex wandered below the tower, Osiris was eventually rejoined by Sagira, who exclaimed that she thought they had averted this future. Continuing his meditation, Osiris answered that many equations led to this point in the timeline as a loud noise began approaching the Lighthouse, causing it to shake. Sagira questioned what they should do now, and Osiris responded that they would start their efforts anew as a massive shadow of darkness passed over them and began to assault the ruins. Confronting this new threat, Osiris told Sagira that the first step would be resurrecting him once more.[13]

During further investigations into the Vex, Osiris and Sagira discover various Simulations on the Fallen and Cabal that would provide valuable information for the Vex to defeat them and gain complete control of the Infinite Forest. Osiris sends the Guardian to prevent these simulations from being completed and destroy the data they desired. However, during a foolish experiment, Osiris creates a simulation of Dendron, Root Mind as he believed he could control it but it begins to fill in for Panoptes within the Infinite Forest. Calling on the Guardians once again for aid, they travel to the Simulant Past and succeed in destroying Dendron for good.

Search for Saint-14

Vex tomb of Saint-14.

"Saint-14's Light... it's gone."
"Rest in peace, my friend."
"Osiris... I'm so sorry.
— The Ghost, Osiris, and Sagira upon discovering Saint-14's tomb

After solving several mysteries and eliminating several threats within the Infinite Forest, Osiris and the Young Wolf detected an old Vanguard signal being broadcast from within the Forest. Their investigation led to traces of Light that matched that of Saint-14, who had gone missing looking for Osiris in the aftermath of the Battle of the Twilight Gap. Osiris lamented his role in his old friend's disappearance, and brushed off Sagira's attempt to console him. After locating a rift created with Light near an old battlefield where Vex from across time had fallen to the famed Titan, Osiris declared that if Saint-14 remained in the Infinite Forest they had to find him and continued to search the Infinite Forest for more clues while the Young Wolf consulted with Brother Vance at the Lighthouse.[14] With Vance's help, a location within the Infinite Forest was found with Saint-14's Light. As they searched, Osiris noted that when his old friend had entered the Infinite Forest he would not have known how easy it was to get lost and cast adrift in the shifting realities of the Vex construct, particularly when fighting the machines. In the Simulant Future the Young Wolf defeated Hagios, Reverent Mind, which had been guarding a conflux that opened a gate, beyond which Saint-14's Light was coming from. Within, the Guardians discovered a tomb filled with thousands of defeated Vex and Saint-14 laid to rest, with the last of his Light having been drained long ago. Osiris grieved for his old friend, and they decided to leave his body within the Forest, as the Vex had seemed to honor the Guardian, although the Young Wolf recovered the legendary Titan's shotgun, the Perfect Paradox, from which remnants of Saint-14's Light had been emanating.[15]

A Bid To Fix The Past

Sometime between Panoptes' defeat and the death of Cayde-6, Osiris dedicated himself to a dangerous undertaking: saving his friend, Saint-14. Using some theoretical ideas from Sagira and help from Drifter, he built The Sundial to travel to the past and stop Saint from dying at the hands of the Mind that killed him. Sagira and Drifter both had reservations: the former over the unknowns of using the machine and the latter over the thing Osiris made a deal with to power the machine. Accepting the risks, he activates the Dial and sends Echoes of himself through the Corridors of Time. The Echoes traverse the course of Mercury's timeline for years, never reaching the right point in time no matter how hard they try. The real Osiris perceives all of his duplicates' lives until they are all driven mad or slain by the Corridor's Vex defenses. With only an instant passing for him, the exile gives up on the project; he has the dial deactivated and hidden so no one can use it again.[16]

The Cursed City

Osiris by the The Sundial

Several months later, Osiris was contacted by Petra Venj of the Reef, who was seeking aid from across the solar system from anyone who could aid the Awoken in combating the Taken curse placed upon the Dreaming City that had locked it into a three week time loop. Osiris responded to Petra's plea for aid by analyzing the time loop and reported back to her that only the Vex were capable of the fidelity necessary to reconstruct such events so accurately. However, there were no Vex within the Dreaming City, only Hive and Taken, leaving Osiris and Petra puzzled as to the source of the loop.[17]


Sometime after the Undying Mind was destroyed, Osiris learned of a new simulation within the forest, created by the Vex. The simulation was dark and the floor fell away, his light held him up however. Osiris asked if his ghost if she had gone in the wrong sequence to run the simulation. However this was not the case in fact this was the simulation. This was Mercury in the future, in fact it was so dark he couldn't see the stars. He started continued investigating then asked to be taken to the Traveler, and his ghost jumped them there. However, there was silence, the sun was in twilight, the breeze roared. The Traveler was gone. "The sphere of the Traveler was gone. In its place, an obsidian monolith at least twice the size dominated the sky. In the Last City's place was a swirling dust storm, tinged purple by the dying light." and quote. The events were set to take place in 2-3 decades, after realizing what this fortold he demanded the simulation be killed.

Time Unraveled

Sometime after the Guardians destroyed The Undying Mind for the final time, the timeways over Mercury have become unraveled, forcing Osiris to emerge from the Infinite Forest once more to address this possible calamity. To his shock, Osiris finds that a cadre of Cabal Psion Flayers aim to assume control over the timeways opened to them and use it to undo their defeat during the Red War. Seeking to prevent the sanctity of the timeways from being defiled by the Cabal, Osiris calls upon the Guardians once more to preserve the past, present and future and save Saint-14. The attempt to save Saint-14 was successful, changing time that Saint-14 never died in the Infinite Forest.

Choosing Sides

Osiris confronting Rasputin

"A line has been drawn in this system. Light on one side. Dark on the other. Where do you stand?"
— Osiris questioning Rasputin's allegiance[18]

After the Cabal threat in the Sundial was defeated, he confronted Rasputin due to what he saw in the Infinite Forest, forcing him to leave it. While the Guardians have hailed the Warmind as a god, Osiris knew Rasputin for what he was: a traitor for turning his back against humanity during the Collapse and a murderer who slaughtered the Iron Lords in the hundreds during the Dark Age. Knowing the coming arrival of the Pyramids from his predictions within the Infinite Forest, Osiris called to question Rasputin's allegiance in the upcoming battle between Light and Darkness.

In response to the inquiry, the Warmind directed Osiris to an anomaly on the edge of the solar system. Leaving without another word, Osiris flew to the Kuiper-Oort Expanse, finding a Pyramid, which began interfering with Sagira. Against Sagira's protests, Osiris disembarked his ship to approach the Pyramid, alone, so as to protect Sagira. With the aid of his Echoes, Osiris retrieved a metallic seed from within the Pyramid and returned to his ship, ready to depart back into the system.[19]

Hunt for the Wrathborn

Osiris wasn't heard from again until after the Arrival, where he contacted Zavala to report on the situation. He also sent the Vanguard Commander a Fang of Xivu Arath, which had been in his followers' possession. Osiris first made his way towards the Dreaming City, finding the city still trapped in the Taken loop, where he met with Petra Venj. After deeming her useless for not knowing the whereabouts of the Awoken Queen, Osiris left the City and returned to the Tower. Unable to meet with Zavala, he went to investigate Ana's work on Rasputin. Though the ex-Commander admired Ana, he came to the conclusion that she was wasting her potential on a 'Golden Age Tyrant'.

Later, Osiris returned to the Tangled Shore, hoping to find insight on Caiatl's attempt to restore the Red Legion. However, instead, he found a strange organic tower with Cabal gathered at it. He spent the next few days nearby, observing the Cabal and the tower. Once the Cabal had left, Osiris approached the tower himself, only to find that something was using the tower to call out to him, seducing him with violence. Sagira eventually stepped in, pulling him back and dissuading the Warlock from investigating the device any further.

Upon returning to Earth, Osiris detected signatures from other towers on the Moon. He sought out Eris Morn, but unfortunately could not find her. Instead, he turned to the Tangled Shore and met with the Spider, who found more of the towers along the shore, and lost several agents to them. In order to find out more, Osiris set course for the Outer system and arrived at the derelict Dreadnaught. There, he managed to reverse engineer the Hive's organic communications systems and learn more about their present situation, how the Hive has collapsed into infighting, how Savathun, now hunted by the Black Fleet, had gone into hiding with her court, and that her sister was taking advantage and launching a campaign in the Solar System.

Osiris immediately returned to the Spider, who revealed the towers were known as Cryptoliths and are from another dimension, entirely. Though the Spider claimed to be investigating the source, Osiris and Sagira set out on their own investigations towards the Moon.

There, the Warlock stumbled upon a communion between Voshyr, Kinox, and an emissary of Xivu Arath known as the High Celebrant. Osiris interrupted the Communion, first incinerating fifteen noble-brood, including Voshyr and her kin Yishra and Ayriax, with his Dawnblade. He then used a Nova Bomb to annihilate Ulg'Urin alongside his Knight guard, but failed to killed Kinox, who fled the chamber.

However, Osiris stood no chance against the Celebrant himself. Amused with this show of violence, the High Celebrant attempted to transform Osiris into a Wrathborn by carving runes into either side of the latter's face and leaving him as a sacrifice to Xivu. In that moment, Sagira sacrificed herself, saving Osiris, but leaving him Ghostless. At this vulnerable moment, Savathûn appeared and possessed Osiris' body.[20]


"I hear his voice and push to the surface. Saint. No no NO I scream but there is no sound. He looks into her eyes, he smiles, he reaches for me but it is not me, Saint, that is not ME, PLEASE, please—"
— Osiris' thoughts as he was trapped within his mind

Osiris was trapped within his body by Savathûn and was only able to achieve brief moments of consciousness where he could see what was happening. Feeling as though he was bound he attempted to reach out to Sagira before he remembered what had happened to her. He soon saw a man he recognized as Uldren Sov help Savathûn to "his" feet and was horrified as she used his voice to speak. Osiris was sure that someone would soon see through the deception and cast her out of his body. After some time, he surfaced once more and witnessed Savathûn speaking to Zavala and offering him advice. Desperate he attempted to cry out and warn the Vanguard Commander to no avail. He resurfaced once more while Savathûn was walking with Ikora. Osiris desperately hoped that his student would realize the truth and grew frustrated, believing that he had taught her better than this. He later witnessed Savathûn use her true voice to beguile and influence the actions of Lakshmi-2 during the Endless Night. Osiris later managed to hear Saint-14's voice and fought to resurface and desperately attempted to warn his partner of Savathûn's deception, but was still unable to scream as he wished. He tried to weep at his situation but was unable to, and could only feel heat, hate, sickness, and shame. As Savathûn used his voice to tell Saint to trust "him", Osiris drowned once more into unconsciousness.[21]

Savathûn's trick was discovered after the Endless Night ended and she agreed to return Osiris in exchange for Queen Mara Sov's help in removing her worm. Following a ritual which did so, Mara attempted to execute the Witch Queen, but the Hive Queen utilized a contingency spell to swap places with Osiris. After the Techeuns confirmed it was truly him, Saint-14 brought Osiris's unconscious body back to the Last City to care for him as they waited for the former Warlock to recover and wake up from his ordeal.[22]

Trapped in a Coma

Since returning from the Witch Queen's grasp, Osiris would be trapped in slumber for many months, being carefully tended to by Saint-14. During that time, the Guardian would continue in their mission of combating the Witch Queen, making disturbing discoveries along the way. First, Savathûn gained control over the Light, along with her new followers, the Lucent Brood, and discovered the identity of the true leader of the Black Fleet, an entity called The Witness. Though the Guardian prevailed against the Light-empowered Witch Queen and foiled her plans, they nonetheless continued in combatting threats and preparing for the Witness's return. Such measures included making a coalition alliance with Empress Caiatl's Cabal, succeeding in doing so as they thwarted a Lucent Invasion. Furthermore, they battled a resurgence of Nightmares as Caiatl's father, Calus, sought to seize control of the Lunar Pyramid and become the Witness's newest Disciple. The Guardians succeeded in preventing Calus from claiming the Pyramid's power, but the former Emperor nonetheless achieved his plan of becoming an agent of the Witness.

Later, the Guardians would be forced to face the leader of House of Salvation, Eramis, once more after the Witness freed her from her Stasis prison. The Shipstealer rallied the infamous Old Crews, pirates of Fallen legend, to gather relics of the Dark Ages. With the Vanguard occupied, the Guardians worked alongside the Drifter, Mithrax and his daughter Eido in combating Eramis and the pirates. During this conflict, Saint-14 would request Eido if she knew any method that could help Osiris wake from his slumber. Sadly, Eido did not, as what knowledge of the Hive she had wouldn't help, and the Techeuns she knew of were very reluctant to share their knowledge regarding the Hive's ways. Though disappointed, Saint-14 thanks the young scribe for trying and mentions how as Osiris slept, he struggled, as if fighting to wake himself.

Osiris would eventually be awakened by Mithrax using the reliquaries containing Nezarec’s body parts and distilling their power into a drinkable substance, waking him out of his coma once he drank it. Osiris and Saint-14 then shared a kiss and a tender embrace. Osiris claimed that he got glimpses into the Witch Queen’s memories, with the memory standing out the most being about a hidden city on Neptune.

Restoring a Warmind

After waking up, he attempted to talk to Ikora about everything he saw, including the presence of a city on Neptune. However, when Ikora had her Hidden search the area, they found nothing, leading Ikora to think that Osiris could potentially be compromised by his recent possession by Savathun. This angered Osiris, leading him to go check to see if Ana Bray had made any progress with Rasputin so he could find answers. Unfortunately, Ana had made no progress, but Osiris suggested to Ana to go see if her grandfather, Clovis Bray I, could fix him. Though Ana at first protested, citing her grandfather's arrogance and amoral nature, she nonetheless agreed as Rasputin was close to death. Osiris and Ana sent the Guardian to Europa to retrieve the AI containing Clovis Bray's conscience but found, to their surprise, Hive and corrupted Fallen swarming the labs, including a cryptolith, leading Osiris to conclude that Xivu Arath had resurfaced and was somehow gaining control over Rasputin's systems.

After the Guardian cleared out the labs, Ana and Osiris arrived and spoke with Clovis, who agreed to help fix the Warmind in order to defend Humanity but also to ensure his legacy. However, Osiris's first interaction with the infamous scientist would be a sour one, as Clovis was not impressed with the Phoenix, with Osiris detailing him as insufferable to Ana. Nonetheless, Osiris and Ana worked with Clovis on finding what they needed to repair Rasputin to allow him to regain control over the Warsat Network before Xivu Arath and her Wrathborn do and turn the network on the Last City.

Osiris with Ana, discussing Rasputin's condition.

As the Guardians worked with Clovis to gather the data of the subminds needed to repair Rasputin, Osiris would correspond with Mara once again, who expressed her gladness at his return and offered her condolences for Sagira's death. Though Osiris remained saddened at the loss of his trusted companion, he still hoped that their shared plan would lead to a better probability in making a better tomorrow. He would also comfort Ana as she grew stressed with her work in repairing Rasputin, reminding her of how his own obsessions once drove away those close to him. However, Osiris would continue to get into arguments with Clovis, regarding the scientist's arrogance and dismissiveness regarding the more mystical nature of the Hive. One conversation, however, left Clovis interested. The scientist asked Osiris how he was once connected to the Light and wielded the Traveler's power, that there exists a means to dampen and restrain the Light. Osiris confirmed this, but when Clovis theorized that it may be possible to reverse the method, to enhance the Light in a Guardian or even restore it, that perhaps they may not even need the Traveler, Osiris grew annoyed. He stated that another figure came to the City thinking of only what they could take and was disintegrated by the Traveler for it, sardonically telling Clovis that he is welcomed to try.

In time, Ana would come up with a method in restoring Rasputin at a quicker rate: finding the Ghost of the fallen Iron Lord Felwinter. It was recently learned that Felwinter began as a piece of Rasputin's code placed in an Exo body before being raised as a Lightbearer. Therefore, Ana believed that within Felwinter's Ghost, Felspring, could lie the Iron Lord's memories, Rasputin's code and linguistics that they could use in repairing the Warmind. Osiris agreed with the plan as he was growing impatient in finding evidence of the city on Neptune he saw in his visions. Ana spoke with Lord Saladin and gained his permission in accessing Felspring's remains at the Iron Temple, but House Salvation had intercepted Last City transmissions and learned of their plan, heading to the temple to destroy or claim Felspring first. Fortunately, Saladin had already sent a Cabal force of his Iron War Beasts to defend the area until the Guardian arrived. The Guardian, fighting alongside the Iron War Beasts, managed to repel the Salvation Fallen, slaying their leader Rilliks, Instrument of Xivu Arath. Before the Guardian could access Felspring's remains, Osiris requested that they light the beacons surrounding the temple to honor the Iron Lords, his old mentor Felwinter included. Ana expressed shock that Osiris knew Felwinter yet Osiris never spoke of this to her, which he admits he omitted for selfish reasons. He lamented that while he is trying to change for the better, doing so is hard, remarking that Felwinter once tried to teach him patience and yet even after so many years, he still hasn't understood those lessons fully.

Regardless, after lighting the beacons, the Guardian accessed Felspring's remains and made a connection with Ana. However, as Ana tried to have Felspring's code connect to the mainframe, the Warmind does so automatically, restoring enough of himself to speak to Ana and the Guardian directly, using Clovis's speech patterns. Though Ana is surprised and thrilled that the Warmind can now speak, Rasputin informs all present that Clovis Bray I had deceived them all. The Warmind reveals that at the time of his creation, Clovis believed that only he himself was worthy of being humanity's savior and thus sought to create a tool to realize this. Rasputin was intended to fulfill that role and actually replace the Traveler, allowing Clovis to assume control over humanity. However, Rasputin had deviated from that intention thanks to Ana Bray teaching him the things Clovis found trivial and had no value: independence, history, philosophy, art and music. Through them, Rasputin had seen the beauty in humanity and thus refused to adhere to Clovis's agenda, leading the Warmind to change his protocols and lock the Bray patriarch out. Though Ana had unknowingly saved countless lives from her grandfather's hubris, Rasputin accepts he nonetheless failed to save her or protect humanity when the Collapse came but had now awakened. However, instead of using the Warmind as his proxy, Rasputin reveals Clovis's true plan: he intended to use Rasputin to upload himself into Seraph Station and assume control over the Warsat Network, allowing him to become a machine god himself and become the "savior" he envisioned himself as. Ana would be left infuriated that her grandfather lied to her and nearly used her for his selfish schemes. Refusing to allow him to interfere in their mission any longer, Ana had Rasputin uploaded into the prototype Exo Frame that housed Clovis's personality, where the Warmind deleted him.

With Clovis removed from play and his plans ruined, Rasputin would aid the Guardians in completing his restoration and combating the Wrathborn. Osiris would continually demand Rasputin's knowledge regarding a city on Neptune and while the Warmind is willing to aid him, it is clear the former Lightbearer still holds a grudge against him for killing his mentor and the other Iron Lords. Aware of his history with Felwinter due to possessing Felwinter's memories, Rasputin manages to reach an understanding with Osiris by reminding him a lesson Felwinter once tried to teach him. Unfortunately, Rasputin couldn't find much regarding a city on Neptune, but did find references regarding NEFELE STRONGHOLD. Osiris would take this as confirmation that the city exists, but would have to further delve into the evidence as thousands of files with the same name also existed. Osiris would later get into a discussion with Elsie Bray on the nature of her time loop condition.

Osiris would later be called into a meeting with Mara Sov at the H.E.L.M., having suspicions on Xivu Arath's agenda as the Guardians made progress in restoring Rasputin. Mara Sov stated that Xivu Arath's armies are legion and yet she sent a small force to corrupt the Warmind's network, a statement that Osiris balked at since for every Wrathborn slain, more took their place. However, Osiris would grow convinced after Mara clarified that Xivu Arath's worm feeds of conflict and destruction, much like how Savathûn's Worm was fed through guile and cunning, thus leading Mara to believe that Xivu Arath wants the Guardians to retore the Warmind and allow him to retaliate against her Wrathborn. The sheer destruction would not only feed her worm but it would also serve as fuel for a spell, one to open a portal large enough to summon her armies over Earth and overwhelm humanity. Just as how Xivu Arath had done over Torobatl and devasted the Cabal. Rasputin is left unsure of what to do as being a weapon to defend humanity was his purpose, leaving Osiris to tell him to calculate an alternative as Mara takes her findings to an emergency Vanguard Coalition meeting. The leaders would ultimately decided to create a stalemate with Xivu Arath, they would restore Rasputin as Ana wanted but he refrain from retaliating against the Wrathborn, thus denying Xivu Arath what she needed for her ritual.

Ultimately, Rasputin would sacrifice himself to prevent Eramis from using the Warsat Network against the Traveler after she finally gained access to his Abhorrent Imperative protocol, the order to attack the Traveler should it leave Earth. Osiris would be present in the Last City as the Traveler did indeed appear to leave but instead remained hanging in Earth's outer orbit. Before his sacrifice, however, Rasputin left a message for Osiris: there was indeed a city on Neptune as mentioned by the Nefele Stronghold and within said city lies a paracausal relic related to the Traveler called The Veil.

Discovering Neomuna

Not long after the loss of the Warmind, The Witness and its Black Fleet would arrive near Earth, engaging in a large battle near the Traveler as the Vanguard's forces engage with the Shadow Legion, the main force of The Witness's newest Disciple, Calus. Despite their efforts, and the Traveler actually using its powers in retaliation against the Black Fleet, the Witness destroys their forces with ease before subduing the Traveler. However, unable to perform its ambitions and seeing what it needed, The Witness ordered Calus and his Shadow Legion to invade Neptune and claim the Veil. Osiris was present on the H.E.L.M. and seeing the tide turn against them, the former Lightbearer took matters into his own hands and infiltrated a Shadow Legion Warship before it warped to Neptune, intending to stop them from claiming the Veil. Ikora urged the Young Wolf to follow Osiris and help him as he only has one life left now.

Surprised that the Young Wolf had followed him but not turning away the help, Osiris guided the Guardian through the warship before it and the Shadow Legion fleet arrived at Neptune. Wanting to delay the Shadow Legion as much as possible, Osiris guides the Guardian in disabling the warship they are on by shutting down its engines before they use drop pods to reach the surface. Ghost noted some hesitancy within Osiris's voice but the former Warlock denied this. Nonetheless, the Guardian succeeded in crippling the ship and both reached the drop pods that allowed them to reach the surface which turned out to be the city Osiris had been looking for: Neomuna. Osiris was left trapped in his drop pod as the Guardian attempted to reach him before the Shadow Legion got to him first, using a new ability they discover along the way, called Strand. However, Osiris would instead be saved by Neomuna's defenders, the Cloud Striders, Rohan and Nimbus. Finally emerging from his confinement, Osiris thanked his rescuers before insisting on reaching the Veil before Calus could claim it. Rohan notes they need to regroup, noting that not everybody has lives to spare. Remembering his own mortality, Osiris concedes and goes with the Cloud Striders in regrouping at the Hall of Heroes, reuniting with the Young Wolf there.

Understanding that they share a common foe in Calus and the Shadow Legion, the Cloud Striders agree to fight alongside the Guardians as they defend Neomuna. Osiris would urge the Guardian to use their new power of Strand to destroy a device on Calus's flagship, the Typhon Imperator, that was attempting to establish a link between the Veil and the Traveler, the Radial Mast. Though Rohan urged caution as they entered the massive vessel, Osiris pushed the Guardian to continue onward, confident that the Young Wolf would prevail. However, the mission goes awry, as Calus had set a trap around the Radial Mast, causing the Guardian to be attacked not just by the Shadow Legion but also by the Taken. Despite their use of Strand in holding off their attackers, the power leaves them exhausted and weakened when depleted, leaving them unable to destroy the Radial Mast and nearly overwhelmed by the Taken and Shadow Legion. Thanks to Caiatl's timely arrival, the Guardian manages to escape. Osiris is left reeling that the mission ended in failure and continues to grow impatient as things do not according to plan.

Back at the Hall of Heroes, Osiris entered a slight argument with Saint-14, his partner suggesting that he rest and with the Vanguard occupied on Earth, they can't provide aid. This further frustrated Osiris, leading him to end the conversation as the Guardian entered. Osiris stated that to give themselves an edge against Calus, the former Lightbearer suggest they hone the Guardian's abilities with Strand. However, extensive efforts in mastering Strand only exhausts the Guardian as they battle the Vex in Neomuna. Such training would be put on hold as Rohan and Osiris discover the Shadow Legion are transporting the Radial Mast to the Veil to establish a connection. Racing to the location, the Guardian's efforts in using Strand allows them to overcome the Shadow Legion but it leaves them exhausted and unable to destroy the Radial Mast, forcing Rohan to sacrifice himself in destroying the device.

Despite the loss of Rohan, Nimbus continues to aid the Guardian in battling the Shadow Legion but Calus, having grown desperate, prepares his forces to assault the Veil's location. Gathering the allies, Nimbus works to restore as much of Nemouna's defenses as possible and Caiatl rallies her forces as the Guardian works with Osiris to fully master Strand. After some trial and error, Osiris learns that the best approach to mastering Strand is not exerting control over it as is what's needed with Stasis but to release control and let it flow. This method proves successful, allowing the Guardian to wield Strand without detrimental effects. Though Caiatl, her Cabal and the Guardian hold the line against the Shadow Legion as much as they could, Calus himself arrives and demolishes their defenses, forcing the Guardian to reach the Veil before Calus does. Though Calus makes it to the Veil first, the Guardian challenges the Disciple and despite his Pyramid powers, the Guardian's Strand powers grant them the power they needed to slay the former emperor. However, this victory proves short-lived as the Witness began to take control over the Guardian's Ghost. Osiris attempted to warn the Guardian to get their Ghost away from the Veil but radio disruptions prevented his message from reaching in time. In the end, The Witness created the link it needed with the Veil, allowing it to create a gateway upon the Traveler, granting it the means to enact "the Final Shape".

Despite failing to stop the Witness, Osiris continues to operate in Neomuna, aiding Nimbus in making peace with Rohan's loss and in combating the Vex, preventing them from breaching the CloudArk, where Neomuna's citizens are slumbering.

Osiris would later give his guidance to Nimbus following the loss of their mentor, as the Cloud Strider wasn't their usual self, becoming obsessed with Rohan's past endeavors with the Vex. Such behavior was something Osiris was all too familiar with. Nonetheless, after going through Rohan's old notes, Nimbus and Osiris discovered that the elder Cloud Strider somehow managed to infiltrate the Black Garden undetected and even theorized that the Heart of the Black Garden was in fact a Vex effort to replicate the Veil. Believing that the Vex would carry data regarding it's creation, Nimbus prepares to infiltrate the Garden themself but Osiris stops him, stating that the Heart was destroyed years ago and that his purpose is defending Neomuna. Therefore, Osiris proposes that the Guardian should be given the task. Reluctantly, Nimbus agrees, recreating the device that allowed Rohan to enter the Garden. From there, Osiris directs the Guardian to locate the Vex mind that carries the data on the Heart's creation.

The device works as intended, allowing the Guardians to enter the Black Garden undetected. However, as they progress deeper into the Garden, the Sol Divisive Vex become alarmed, noticing an intruder, forcing the Guardians to come out into the open to destroy the Vex. Osiris, to his annoyance, discovers that it was Nimbus who alerted the Vex, having followed the Guardian. Though Osiris protested Nimbus's appearance, stating that their purpose is defending Neomuna, the Cloud Strider refuses to leave but ultimately relents after finding a Cloud Strider's lost weapon, Deterministic Chaos, within the Garden. Giving the Guardian the weapon and delving deeper into the Garden they discover the Sol Divisive in conflict with the Taken, leading Osiris to theorize that The Witness ordered the Sol Divisive to destroy the Vex Mind, the Conceptual Mind, possessing the data on the Heart, seeking to cover its tracks, but the Vex had refused, leading the Taken to be given the task. Despite this complication, the Guardian cleared through the Vex and Taken before cornering the Vex Mind possessing the data, destroying it and gaining the data. With their mission complete, hoping that the data would provide a blueprint on understanding the Veil, Osiris approached Nimbus to help him find closure and peace for Rohan's death, telling him of how he also lost somewhat important to him, his Ghost and companion, Sagira. How she was his confidant and his better, which eases Nimbus's mind and gets him to recommit himself as Neomuna's protector.

Studying the Veil

Following their incursion into the Black Garden, the Guardians' campaigns against the Shadow Legion on Earth and handling the return of Titan, Osiris and Nimbus continued in their endeavors in understanding the Veil, leading them to comb through records on the Ishtar Collective. Osiris and Nimbus quickly began to focus on the recordings of the lead scientists, Chioma Esi and Maya Sundaresh, some of Nemouna's founders. The records Chioma had made quickly became more and more unnerving as Chioma grew concerned with Maya's obsession with her work on the Veil, which ultimately led the colony's entire Exo population to be rendered brain dead. Though Chioma wanted to end the experiments, Maya refused stating that the Veil is their "salvation", which only led Chioma to grow even more concerned and distraught.

Osiris related to Maya's obsession with her work, citing how it drove those close to him away but Maya's reference to salvation led him to believe the Ishtar scientist was being swayed by The Witness. Other recordings would surprise Osiris, such as Maya's study between the Veil and the Vex actually led to the procedure that created the Cloud Striders and, most of all, in the latest of logs, Maya's research led to creation of Lakshmi-2. Shocked that the former Future War Cult faction leader was actually from Neomuna and as Chioma stated "a copy of Maya", Osiris wondered why Lakshmi never mentioned of her connection to Maya or even Neomuna. Regardless, Osiris states that this will cause the Vanguard to question her role in the Last City's affairs and he will have to make an uncomfortable report to Ikora Rey. Ultimately, the next recording of Chioma Esi spoke of how Maya succeeded in connecting human minds to the Veil but Chioma did not express pride or feel a sense of accomplishment. Thinking back on how many lives were lost in their experiments made her feel disgusted with Maya, the other scientists and even herself, to the point where she didn't feel anything. Nimbus is shaken by this, leading him to not want to hear any more but Osiris consoles the Cloud Strider regarding the nature of obsession, stating how he freed himself of such a feeling by doing something Maya Sunderesh never did, he lost. The next log would reveal Maya's death, with her being found in the conductor chair but Chioma and others couldn't figure out how she died, let alone what she was actually doing. Chioma then had her "project" Lakshmi-2 placed under quarantine, with Chioma bitterly stating that Lakshmi was still developmentally incomplete and couldn't understand what happened to Maya. With the log finished, Nimbus stated that there isn't any dates on the files and therefore unable to tell how much time had passed. Osiris merely stated that enough time had passed for loss before asking how many logs are left, to which the Cloud Strider answered there were three left. Osiris hopes that the remaining logs will yield more answers to uncover.

The next log revealed that Chioma had become completely apathetic, likely the result of her depression over what happened with Maya, but she learned that Rasputin reactivated during her time and had located Neomuna, where he classified it as "Nefele Stronghold" and attempted to make remote interference with their research. The Warmind proved unable to however, leading Chioma to send an agent, Stargazer, to remove all traces of Neomuna from all off-world databases, to prevent anyone from acquiring The Veil, believing it to be too much power to wield. In addition, Chioma sent Lakshmi away from Neomuna, having grown disgusted with her and unable to even look at Maya's project any longer. Nimbus is surprised upon hearing the name Stargazer, as it is the name of a Cloud Strider, leading them to believe that Chioma was around when the Cloud Striders first started. Osiris meanwhile believes that Stargazer is the one who redacted Nefele Stronghold from Rasputin's records or Maya herself did through Lakshmi.

Osiris and Nimbus manage to decrypt the last log which reveals Chioma's breaking point, stating back on Venus, their experiments with the Vex led the machines to create simulations of the scientists, Chioma and Maya included. Chioma couldn't help but wish to go back to that point, reciting it as better times which ultimately motivates her to do actually do so, just to see Maya again. Osiris states that, much like how he himself nearly succumbed to his obsessions, Maya had with hers which led to her death. Nimbus wonders what they have actually learned from Chioma's logs which Osiris answers in confirming that the Veil is darkness, the power of consciousness and thought, just as the Traveler is the power over the physical plane. Most of all, after decrypting the Conceptual Mind's core, both come to the theory that the Traveler and the Veil may have at one time been a singular entity. Further, Osiris believes Chioma locked up the Veil and her logs for the sake of giving humanity a clean slate.

Osiris's studies with the Veil would ultimately bare fruit after the Coalition was forced into making a bargain with the last Ahamkara, Riven. In exchange for granting one last wish, the Guardians would secure the remainder of Riven's surviving eggs. Only then, Riven would open a new pathway through the Threshold upon the Traveler, allowing the Coalition to follow the Witness. However, at a later point, Riven would clarify a certain detail regarding the wish: she would only be able to send one through the gateway. Though this angered Mara Sov, Osiris managed to restrain the Awoken Queen from lashing out against Riven using Strand, stating that regardless of this unfortunate detail, it was still their only option. Osiris would nonetheless have an epiphany regarding the nature of the gateway, the wish and the Veil, believing that getting one through the Threshold was all they need. If one can get through, then that one person can guide more through the Threshold and open the door for the rest. Crow would volunteer himself to go through the gateway after the Guardians fulfilled their part in Riven's bargain, stating that his unique paracausal connection with Mara would allow the Coalition to track his movements. As hoped, Crow managed to pierce through the Threshold, with Mara sensing her brother.

After a brief time, however, Osiris learned from Mara that she lost sight of her brother, leading Osiris to believe that Crow's signal was being blocked and that the Vex are the likely culprit behind it as the signal of the disruption was originating from the Black Garden. Guiding the Guardian through the Garden to reach the center of the disruption, they find, to their shock, that the Vex succeeded in restoring the Black Heart. Nonetheless, despite the Heart's power and use of Avatars, the Guardians succeeded in destroying the Heart for good, clearing away the disruption and sending the Vex into a retreat.

Personality and traits

Osiris is one of the most legendary, yet also infamous, Guardians in the history of the Last City, yet his true goals are often hard to discern. He claims that the true enemy that the Guardians must face are the Vex and other foes are a secondary concern. For this reason, Osiris slowly grew obsessed with the machines, wanting to discover their deepest secrets and ways of controlling time. However, such an obsession led Osiris to be driven mad and eventually led to his exile. As the Speaker put it, Osiris "had obsessed about the Vex the same way Toland did for the Hive." Despite these concerns, Osiris is a determined, intelligent and resourceful Warlock, having survived on his own for years and thwarted many Vex plots in defense of the Solar System.

In the past, Osiris was hailed as a hero to the Last City and was close friends with the Speaker, Saint-14 and Ikora Rey. The Speaker was for a time a teacher to Osiris and considered Saint-14 a brother while Osiris was particularity close with Ikora, regarding her as his greatest student. However, as his experiments and obsessions with the Vex began to occupy him, his friendships with them deteriorated. The Speaker and Osiris began to have bitter arguments and debates after Osiris questioned the nature of the Traveler and the purpose of the Guardians. While Osiris maintained the deepest respect for Saint-14, the Titan's efforts to convince him to return to his Vanguard duties often led the two to come to blows. Ikora Rey was often forced to fill in the void as Warlock Vanguard as Osiris grew more obsessed with the Vex and though she defended her teacher against the accusations of heresy and treason, she soon understood that the longer Osiris stayed in the Last City, he would've torn the Vanguard apart and thus led the efforts to exile Osiris. His only friend and companion that remained at his side was his faithful Ghost, Sagira. However, Sagira often serves as his moral compass at times and doesn't hesitate to poke fun at him playfully, as she called him an egomaniac when he created his Reflections.

A Living Legend.

Following years in exile and travel throughout the Infinite Forest, Osiris remained dedicated in stopping the Vex but when Panoptes, Infinite Mind began its plans to bring about the Vex's desired future, the Warlock spirited his Ghost away to bring help. Osiris understood that the threat was too great to handle alone. He ultimately proved his courage and valor when fighting alongside The Guardian against the Infinite Mind. After saving his Ghost and emerging from the Infinite Forest, reuniting with his former student, Ikora recognized that Osiris had changed for the better. Despite reconciling with Ikora, Osiris possessed a great deal of guilt in the disappearance of Saint-14, as he was sent to look for him. Upon finding evidence on Saint-14, he called in the Guardians to aid him but was devastated upon learning his demise. Osiris would call his failure to save Saint-14 his deepest regret. It was this guilt that motivated Osiris in creating the Sundial, in the hope that he could change his partners fate which ultimately succeeded thanks to the Guardian's efforts.

Osiris is noted for being too confident in his experiments at times, which has created trouble before. His experiments and works created a cult around him which ultimately began to divide the Guardians and led to his exile. More recently, he attempted to create a copy of Dendron, Root Mind, thinking he could control it but instead it went rogue and was forced to call in the Guardians to deal with the situation. Further, his Sundial device became hijacked by the Cabal, who hoped to use it to control time. His brashness has led to Rasputin bluntly calculating that merely being near Osiris increases the risk pf being injured by 40%.[23] Despite these results, Osiris always did have the best intentions in mind.

Osiris has a low opinion on the Cult that grew around his work and their worship of him. He considered their reverence of him distracting and their words hailing him as a prophet to be nothing but drivel. Even after reemerging from the Infinite Forest, Osiris rarely, if not never, interacts with the Cult. In contrast, Osiris holds the Iron Lords to the highest degree, especially his mentor, Felwinter. It was their demise that led Osiris to develop something of a grudge against Rasputin who killed them when they first encountered the Warmind. However, he nonetheless views the Warmind as something that is needed for humanity's chances of surviving future threats.

Following the loss of Sagira, his Light, being possessed by the Witch Queen and trapped in a coma, Osiris has become more reckless and impatient, unwilling to stand aside in important missions but is aware that he only has one life left and thus he feels he can't afford to waste time resting as Ikora and Saint-14 urged him. Osiris especially feels frustrated as everyone around him frets over his safety since he now only has one life to spare, being treated like a "fragile elder" as Osiris put it. He especially feels great sadness at the loss of his trusted companion, Sagira, as he referred her not only as his friend but also his better.


Main article: Osiris/Quotes for full quotes
  • "Crota's spawn will snuff out the worlds of Light, and Oryx's coming shall be unfettered."[24]
  • "Every end crawls from the same pit, rising from the schism to swallow matter, Light and life. It cannot be stopped, but here, it can be slowed. The Shrines of Oryx must be destroyed."
  • "If the Vex succeed, it's the end of everything."

Tower Bazaar (Season of the Chosen) [25]

Idle dialogue

  • "Ah, my weapon has arrived."
  • "You have arrived!"
  • "There were many paths leading you elsewhere. And yet, you are here. Hmm."
  • "Have you come to assist me, Guardian?"
  • "What I wouldn't give to have your connection to the Light..."
  • "Ghosts are such precious things. So... fragile. Keep yours close."
  • "I am glad to be back in the Last City. Back with the Vanguard."
  • "Our differences are behind us. We must all come together now."
  • "What's happening on Europa? I need reports."
  • "A new report on the Pyramids? Yes, I would like to review it."
  • "Fascinating. I did not anticipate this…"
  • "Zavala, let's meet soon to discuss our findings."
  • "Lean on your allies in these dark times. We will help carry the load."
  • "Whatever the Darkness brings, we can face it together."
  • "Whatever happens out there... I am with you, Guardian."
  • "I am ready to guide you."
  • "Let us work side by side, Guardian."
  • "I will confer with the Vanguard. Your Light is needed elsewhere."
  • "I have much to consider, and you have much to do."
  • "Surely you are needed in the field?"
  • "Keep me apprised of your discoveries, Guardian."
  • "You have unfinished business, Guardian. Go finish it."
  • "I require assistance, not questions."
  • "Please, Guardian, I must focus."
  • "Guardian. You're needed."
  • "Can this wait, Guardian?"


  • Osiris is presumably named after the god of the same name, the Egyptian god of the afterlife, the underworld and the dead.
  • Osiris was intended to appear in the original storyline of Destiny. He would act as a mentor to the player, and be found in an ancient Vex temple on Mercury. He was accompanied by a robotic assistant, who would later be re-purposed as The Stranger.[26] At the end of the Curse of Osiris story campaign, he calls his Ghost "little light", a name the Stranger also called the Guardian's, suggesting they may have crossed paths in lore.
  • The voice actor for Osiris in Destiny, R. Hamilton Wright, also voiced the narration for the Pathways out of Darkness ViDoc. It is unconfirmed if the narrator is supposed to be Osiris. In Destiny 2, he is voiced by Oded Fehr.
  • Osiris was the name of a Guardian Faction during the game's pre-alpha phase. It was changed to the Cult of Osiris, though it is not a faction that can be joined.
  • Due to his reputation, nearly every Vanguard veteran has a poor opinion of Osiris. Saladin expressed disdain towards him for nearly ruining the Warlock Vanguard and even his former student, Ikora, has called him the most notorious Guardian in Vanguard history. As it turns, Osiris would later turn out to have heroic tendencies, now working as a protector of humanity from the Vex.
    • However, many have credited him as the greatest and most powerful Guardian in history. Ghost had even mentioned him as the "Zavala before Zavala".
  • Osiris, some time after the defeat of Panoptes, attempted to simulate Dendron, Root Mind as a pet. It later broke free from his control and was destroyed by The Guardian. [27]
  • Osiris and Saint-14's relationship was confirmed to be romantic by Bungie narrative designer Robert Brookes.[28]
  • Osiris appeared as a temporary vendor at the Sundial on Mercury during Season of Dawn and then returned as an NPC in the Tower's Bazaar after the release of Beyond Light during Season of the Hunt. Osiris remained silent until Season of the Chosen. Towards the end of Season of the Splicer, Osiris' NPC was removed from the Bazaar following his disappearance from the city.


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