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"I don't have time to explain why I don't have time to explain."
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This article is about the Strike on Mercury. For the location, see Infinite Forest.





A Garden World


Destiny 2


Curse of Osiris




The Infinite Forest, Mercury


Enter the Infinite Forest
Search for a gateway to the past
Enter the Spire
Sabotage Vex security protocols
Climb the Spire
Defeat Dendron, Root Mind

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"Now that Panoptes has fallen, the Root Mind is attempting to take its place and govern the Forest."

A Garden World is a Strike in Destiny 2 set in the Infinite Forest on Mercury. A past version of the planet Mercury is playable in the Strike which was transformed into a garden world by the Traveler.


  • Enter the Infinite Forest
  • Search for a gateway to the past
  • Enter the Spire
  • Sabotage Vex security protocols
  • Climb the Spire
  • Defeat Dendron, Root Mind

Nightfall Rare Drop[edit]

Ship: Universal Wavefunction

Nightfall Rare Drop Ship




All dialogue is spoken through the Ghost's comms. [1]


The guardian fireteam transmats to The Lighthouse, to the right of the gate to the Infinite Forest.

  • SAGIRA: Guardian, you busy?
  • GHOST: We hear you, Sagira.
  • SAGIRA: We've, um, got an urgent Vex problem in the Forest.
  • GHOST: You can solve most of these with explosions... We'll take a look.


  • OSIRIS: Guardian, we need your assistance in the forest.
  • GHOST: What have the Vex done now?
  • OSIRIS: I'm afraid your enemy is me this time. Hurry!

The player steps through the gate of the Infinite Forest

  • GHOST: Someone care to explain what's going on?
  • SAGIRA: The Root Mind is back.
  • OSIRIS: More precisely, I re-made it using the power of the Forest. Fortunately, the situation has escaped my oversight.


  • GHOST: So what exactly is the issue?
  • OSIRIS: I've recreated Dendron, the Root Mind. I thought I could control it.
  • SAGIRA: You always do. That's why people talk. Now that Panoptes has fallen, the Root Mind is attempting to take its place and govern the Forest.
  • GHOST: Well. Then let's blow it up.

The Guardian Enters the Portal to the Simulant Past

  • OSIRIS: Many elements of your first visit have been recreated. Only the algorithm is missing. Fight as if your life depends on it... because it does.
  • SAGIRA: You say that like this isn't your fault.
  • OSIRIS: It won't happen again.
  • SAGIRA: Yes. It will.


  • SAGIRA: Welcome back. You should remember this. You did great the first time.
  • GHOST: I wasn't here the first time. Someone stole my shell.
  • SAGIRA: Borrowed. I borrowed it. To save all of time and space.

The Guardian Sabotages the Fifth Set of Security Protocols

  • OSIRIS: The Root Mind has rebuilt this spire entirely, complete with security measures. Sagira and I spent weeks taking it down. Vex efficiency will be the death of us all.

The Guardian Enters the Spire

  • SAGIRA: I was hoping the Root Mind would take longer to get set up. But its Arc Beam is at full intensity. It'll be as tough as it was the first time.
  • GHOST: I wasn't here for that. I think I was dead.
  • SAGIRA: Don't be dramatic. You were asleep.
  • GHOST: And I saw things in the dark. The Traveler was there. And it was so small.


  • GHOST: There's enough Arc energy here to power the City for a hundred years. I can't imagine how much it took for the Vex to transform Mercury.

The Guardian Sabotages the Vex Security Protocols by Destroying a Module

  • SAGIRA: You cut Arc power from the Spire! Nice work!
  • GHOST: And Dendron's not happy about it. Stand by.


  • GHOST: We just pulled the plug on this spire's Arc network. The Vex are pretty angry.
  • SAGIRA: I would be, too.
  • GHOST: Exuse us, while we, uh... kill them.

The Guardian Defeats Dendron, the Root Mind

  • GHOST: All clear. Osiris, you said this was a simulation? Well, your pet Vex left a simulated corpse.
  • OSIRIS: It wasn't a pet - not that time. Well, thank you for your help, Guardian. I've kept you from the Vanguard long enough.
  • SAGIRA: Go do what you do best.


  • GHOST: Root Mind has been dismantled. What's next? We're putting out fires all over the place today.
  • SAGIRA: I'll be honest - I can't remember where we left you. We're in the middle of three spearate simulations.
  • GHOST: We just met the biggest Vex Cyclops I've ever seen. And we cracked it in half.
  • SAGIRA: Oh, Dendron! Right! You're so good at cleaning up Osiris' messes. I'll make sure it doesn't happen again. Now get out of there before the simulations shuts down.


  • GHOST: Root Mind has been neutralized. Osiris, if you had any plans for this thing when you simulated it, I'm afraid there's not much of it left.
  • OSIRIS: You've done well, Guardian. That corpse could be useful. I'll retrieve it soon.

{Mission Ends}

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