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"I don't have time to explain why I don't have time to explain."
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"Our shots dissolved in the translucent matrix around it, useless."
Grimoire description
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Hezen Protective
Hezen Corrective
Sol Divisive
Virgo Prohibition
Unidentified Vex collective


Central Processor
Heavy Infantry





Combat information


Aeon Maul


Rotating Shields
High Durability
Hydra Death Blast
Midair Levitation


The Hydra is a Vex unit with nearly impregnable shields and rock-melting fire-power.[1]


Hydras are hulking, segmented machines, described as resembling "robotic centipedes," which hover above the ground possess formidable defensive and offensive capabilities. Hydras utilize unidirectional defensive circular shields and [2] are equipped with a powerful weapon called the Aeon Maul.[3] In addition to being formidable combatants, Hydras serve as major processing nodes for the Vex network.[4] Like many Vex units, they vary in size, with the largest (such as Argos, Planetary Core) easily measuring hundreds of meters across.


Hydras should be engaged with extreme caution. Not only are their circular shields impenetrable and invulnerable to attack, but they are also armed with Aeon Maul, a type of Vex heavy weaponry. These explosive, Void damage-dealing weapons are fired in rapid succession and are capable of quickly blasting away at a Guardian's shield. They will continuously bombard the player's position on the battlefield from long range and will suppress them if left alone. Even after they are killed, Hydras should still be kept at a distance, as their head will explode upon death. This explosion causes massive damage to, and can even kill, Guardians.[5]

Destiny 2

Hydras now have three semicircular shields as opposed to just one, giving them stronger defenses, and their death blasts have a larger radius.


Known Hydras


  • In Destiny 2, killing a Hydra with elemental damage will cancel its death blast.
  • The top of a Hydra chassis can be seen hanging on the ceiling of Lord Shaxx's space in the new Tower.


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