Vex Relay

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A Vex Relay seen in the Undergrowth of the Black Garden

Vex Relays are special Vex sacramental structures laced around the Black Garden, built with the sole purpose of eliminating intruders.


These Conflux-like structures serve as the main line of defense against any unwanted intruder, using Vex energies and tech to wipe away any life within their vicinity. Unlike the Confluxes of the Vault of Glass, these structures emanate with energies much akin to the Light and Darkness and can be interfered with other Vex systems such as Tether Cubes and Voltaic Motes that are often found nearby these structures. Within these structures are a volatile energy that most Sol Divisive Axis Minds will use as a source of power, but have severe repercussions on the Vex Mind if this unstable energy is ever interfered with.

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