Hezen Protective

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Hezen Protective
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Working towards unknown goals and conducting colossal projects.

Axis Minds:

Zydron, Gate Lord

At war with:

House of Winter
House of Wolves

Allied with:

Aphix Invasive
Hezen Corrective


Concentrated around the legendary Vault of Glass and the Endless Steps.


The Hezen Protective is one of the Vex programming collectives found on Venus. They can be identified by their yellowish-brass bodies with white stripes.[1]



The Hezen Protective have possibly been on Venus before the age of humanity. They are responsible for many of the Vex's biggest projects on Venus]l. Most notably is the Vault of Glass, a timeless realm where time, space, and reality can be manipulated and altered by the Oracles, Templar, and Gorgons. While the Vault's Axis Mind, Atheon, Time's Conflux serves as its Nexus, processing the calculations into the Conflux network.

City Age

During the time of the City Age, a fireteam consisting of Praedyth, Pahanin, Kabr and three other unknown Guardian would enter the Vault with the goal of destroying [Atheon, Time's Conflux. However they would be no match for the Templar, whose power and weaponry would overwhelm them, forcing them deeper into the Vault. Only Pahanin would escape the Vault. Praedyth would become trapped and lost to time, Kabr would construct the Aegis, a weapon capable of destroying the Templar's shield, while the three unknown Guardians where wiped from existence.

Fall of the Vault of Glass

When the the Guardian was informed by the Reef that they must receive the eye of a Gate Lord to enter the Black Garden. They would make their way to the Endless Steps and destroy Zydron, Gate Lord to receive its eye. Shortly after the destruction of the Black Heart, a fireteam led by the Guardian would infiltrate the Vault. They would destroy the Oracle's and use the Aegis to defeat the Templar. They would then avoid the Gorgons, enter the Glass Throne, and bring an end to Atheon, Time's Conflux. Severely weakening the Protective.

The Wolf Rebellion

The forces of Skolas, Kell of Kells would infiltrate the Vault of Glass in order to use the Oracles to tap into the Vex network. While the Protective where engaging with the Fallen, the Guardian would enter the Templar's Well and destroy the Oracles. Skolas would later arrive at the Vex Citadel, to use it's technology to pull the House of Wolves across time. The Guardian would arrive once more, destroying Vechron, Spire Lord, and capturing the Kell of Kells.

The Taken War

In attempt to gain control of the Vex network, Oryx, the Taken King would send Morphon, Blighted Mind to corrupt the network in the Vault of Glass. The Protective would decide to let the Guardians deal with the threat. The Guardians would successfully defeat Morphon and discover the remains of Praedyth. Later the source of the Taken Blight on Venus would be destroyed by the Guardian and the threat of the Taken on the planet would be mainly extinguished.

Shortly after the death of the Taken King, Theosyion, the Restorative Mind would make it's way to the Echo Chamber and attempt to recreate Sekrion, Nexus Mind, so the Vex could continue their conversion of Venus. A Guardian fireteam would be sent to stop this. The Hezen Protective would fail to stop the Guardians, and Theosyion, the Restorative Mind would be destroyed.


Although not encountered as frequently as the Hezen Corrective, the Hezen Protective are mainly found in the Citadel, the Endless Steps, The Nexus, and the Vault of Glass.[2] The Protective's activities appear to go beyond conventional military occupation, as they actively work towards completing a colossal project of unknown scale.



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