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Wyverns are large Vex constructs encountered on Europa. Like Goblins, Hobgoblins and Minotaurs, Wyverns are bipedal Vex units, with double-jointed legs ending in clawed feet.

Their most notable feature is a pair of fan-like appendages wreathed in glowing blue tentacles, which project shields that extend to either side.


Wyverns are encountered on Europa during various quests, adventures, and the Spire Integration Public Event. They also fight with a unique weapon, the Warp Lance, which fires Void projectiles that are similar to those fired by Cyclopses, but split into five smaller projectiles in a cross-shaped pattern after a short amount of time, making it a shotgun-like weapon. The Wyvern has two Warp Lances mounted on its body. It also possesses two fan-shaped shields on either side of its body, which are reminiscent of a Hydra's rotating shields.

Wyverns appear to be a cross between a Minotaur and a Harpy. They have two forms, their normal bipedal one, used while walking and fighting at a distance, and their aerial Harpy-like one, which appears only briefly and is used at close range for their Aerial Slam attack, in which the Wyvern enters a form similar to a Harpy and hovers in the air briefly before hurtling downward into the ground, launching all nearby non-Vex away and dealing Arc damage.

Their Warp Lances, shields, Aerial Slam and high durability make Wyverns highly dangerous to new players, in some cases more so even than Hydras. Against higher level players, however, especially those wielding the Beyond Light exotic pulse rifle No Time To Explain, Wyverns can be just as weak as their lesser Vex brethren. Wyverns will also be easily shredded when caught in a hail of fire from multiple players.

Like most Vex, Wyverns have a central Radiolaria core which is normally obstructed at the front. However if they suffer enough damage, this core will be exposed for a brief period of time. The fan-like appendages on either side and legs are also the only vulnerable parts of their body.

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  • Like most Vex, Wyverns are named after a mythological creature; wyverns are winged, two-legged dragon-like creatures featured in medieval European legends.
  • Wyvern's are unique for having six "eyes".

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