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Wyverns are large and powerful Vex units first encountered on Europa.


Wyverns are bipedal Vex units, with double-jointed legs ending in clawed feet. Their most notable feature is a pair of fan-like appendages wreathed in glowing blue tentacles similar to Harpies, which project a shield on either side.

Wyverns make their first appearance on Europa and can be found in various activities such Strikes, Empire Hunts, Missions, Patrols, Lost Sectors, and the Spire Integration Public Event. They were originally found only on Europa before they were shown to be employed during the Battlegrounds mission against Ixel, the Far-Reaching on Nessus.


Wyverns appear to be a hybrid of a Minotaur and a Harpy and have two forms. They have a bipedal form that they move and shoot in, and occasionally switch to an aerial Harpy-like form to hover in the air and hurtle downward in an aerial slam. The force of this attack can send all nearby non-Vex flying and deals Arc damage.

Wyverns are highly durable and are equipped with two shotgun-like Warp Lance turrets mounted on their bodies. This fires cross-shaped Void blasts that split into five smaller projectiles. They are also unique for the fan-shaped appendages on either side, which if shot will create a shield to protect any Vex units behind it. These shields can be pierced using seasonal Anti-Barrier Mods.

Wyverns also possess a Radiolaria core which can be tricky to expose, but achievable. By shooting the fan-like appendages, purple warp turrets or head, Wyverns can be briefly staggered, exposing their core for a short time. This then grants players the opportunity to deal critical damage against Wyverns. A Wyvern's core can also be shot from behind, but this is difficult to do. The new Stasis element can also be used to freeze and shatter Wyverns as it exposes their core.

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  • Like most Vex, Wyverns are named after a mythological creature; wyverns are winged, two-legged dragon-like creatures featured in medieval European legends.
  • Wyverns are the first new Vex enemy type added since Destiny 1.
    • This may show that the Vex are now beginning to use their warrior frames as oppose to builder frames due to how combat-oriented wyverns seem to be. Emperor Calus notes that the Vex previously encountered by the Guardians are "farmers, engineers and managers" and laughs at the idea of when the Vex will send their "real warriors".
  • Some of the player-base refer to them as "murder chickens"

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