Wyvern Venator

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Wyvern Venator
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Sol Collective





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Asterion Abyss


VoidS.png Warp Lance


Fan Shield
High Durability
ArcS.png Gravity Slam
KineticS.png Lunge


The Wyvern Venator is a Wyvern encountered on Patrol in the Asterion Abyss region of Europa.[1]

Strange Signal[edit]

While patrolling the Asterion Abyss, players may see the message "The Vex are responding to a strange signal...". This indicates that the Venator has appeared on the icy plain in the area. Players should seek it out and kill it, alongside its entourage. Upon the Wyvern's death, they will gain a buff called Strange Signal. They can now go into the Nexus, where they will see the Friendly Harpy waiting for them, next to either a Crux of Darkness or a Tree of Light, changing every week. Interacting with the object begins the appropriate test.

As part of each Test, the player will have to move across rapidly disappearing platforms suspended over the bottomless pit, while hordes of Vex try to stop them. The enemies become stronger with every wave, culminating in several Elites supporting Malignant Minotaurs. After the Minotaurs are defeated, a Monitor Hydra will appear in the middle of the area. Defeating it will complete the test, and award a chest containing Europan Gear.

For the Test of Darkness, a diamond-shaped Oracle will appear. Destroying it will charge the player's abilities, and manifest some platforms and Vex underneath it. Once the enemeies are dealt with, a new Oracle will appear. Destroying it will manifest new platform, but also make the current platforms disappear as well. Repeating this process three times calls forth the Monitor, at which point Oracles will continue appearing until it is destroyed.

For the Test of Light, a platform will appear with a luminous beam over it, as well as numerous Vex. Standing in the light will recharge the player's abilities. Once all the enemies are destroyed, a new platform will manifest, and the current one will start disappearing. Repeating this process three times calls forth the Monitor, at which point platforms with light beams will continue appearing on their own until it is destroyed.



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