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"I don't have time to explain why I don't have time to explain."
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Star, position:

Sol, Saturn



135 kilometers

Length of day:

13 days

Orbital period:

21 days

"You write me every week, even with all Hyperion’s work and all Hyperion’s distance keeping you from me. And I act like it’s not enough."
Maya Sundaresh[1]

Hyperion (also called Saturn VII) is a moon of Saturn. It is noted to have an irregular shape, a chaotic orbit, and is the first non-round moon to have been discovered.[2]


During the Golden Age some of the Ishtar Collective scientists, notably Chioma Esi, were relocated there following the diaspora of their simulated selves into the Vex network. She and Maya Sundaresh were frequent correspondents despite the vast distance separating them.[1] It traded with Titan regularly.[3]

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