221 Eos

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221 Eos

Star, position:

Sol, Asteroid Belt


Length of year:

4.49 years


221 Eos is an asteroid in the asteroid belt.[citation needed]


During the initial phase of the Reef Wars, Eos was the site a battle between the forces of two claimants to the Kellship of the Fallen House of Wolves known as the Eos Clash. The fleet of the Wolf noble Peekis, who served Skolas, the Rabid, cornered the fleet of Skolas' rival Irxis, Wolf Baroness over 221 Eos. The ensuing battle ended with Irxis' death, but also destroyed the bulk of both fleets and gave the Awoken Crows the opportunity to steal Mecher Orbiks-11. Peekis was docked to Dreg for his recklessness and Skolas was forced to change his strategy to deal with his remaining competitor, Parixas, the Howling.[1]


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  • Based upon its spectral characteristics, this object is classified as a K-type asteroid. The orbital properties show it to be a member of the extensive Eos asteroid family, which is named after it.[2]


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