Irxis, Wolf Baroness

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Irxis, Wolf Baroness was a noble of the Fallen House of Wolves and one-time claimant to the House's Kellship. After the death of the previous reigning Kell, Virixas, Kell of Wolves, and half of the Wolves' strength at the hands of the Awoken in the battle over Ceres known as the Scatter, Irxis competed with Parixas, the Howling and Skolas, the Rabid for the throne during the initial phase of the Reef Wars. Irxis gained an early advantage over her rivals by securing command of the Orbiks line of Servitors, which held permissions over the more common Kaliks models that the rest of the Wolves relied on. Although she was able to sow chaos among her rivals, her position of dominance did not last. Peekis, commander of Skolas' fleet, cornered Irxis' ships at 221 Eos and the savage Eos Clash ensued. By the end of the battle, both fleets were decimated, the Awoken Crows had absconded with the last surviving Orbiks Servitor, and Irxis was dead.[1]

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