Parixas, the Howling

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Parixas, the Howling
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Parixas, the Howling was a noble from the Fallen House of Wolves and one-time claimant to the House's Kellship. After the death of the previous reigning Kell, Virixas, Kell of Wolves, and half of the Wolves' strength at the hands of the Awoken in the battle over Ceres known as the Scatter, Parixas competed with Irxis, Wolf Baroness and Skolas, the Rabid for the throne during the initial phase of the Reef Wars. Although Irxis initially gained the upper hand in the struggle by taking control of the Orbiks Servitors, she perished in the Eos Clash, leaving Parixas and Skolas as the remaining contenders. Parixas proved no match for Skolas' cunning. Skolas' minion Grayor, Wolf Assassin attacked Parixas' Ketch, luring the noble to 7 Iris. Meanwhile, another of Skolas' underlings, Drevis, Wolf Baroness, massacred the Awoken colony of Amethyst, drawing the wrath of the Reef. When Parixas arrived at 7 Iris, he immediately came under attack by the forces of Paladin Abra Zire, who was confused by the bright glare of the asteroid and mistook Parixas' ship for Drevis'. Parixas perished in the Battle of Iris, and Skolas was clear to claim the title of Wolf Kell.[1]

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