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Abra Zire
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Participated in Reef Wars
One of four Armada Paladins
Participated in the Battle of Saturn


Abra Zire was a member of the Queen's seven Paladins, as well as one of the four Armada Paladins.[1]


The Reef Wars[edit]

"Our spies in the House of Judgment tell us the Wolves plan to attack Hygiea next. I loved Sjur, as I love all we have lost, and I grieve her. But if we divert our attention now to vengeance against an unknown enemy…"
"Then let it be my diversion.
— Paladin Abra Zire and Queen Mara Sov, discussing the murder of Sjur Eido

During the Reef Wars, Zire commanded one of the Reef's Armadas. When Drevis, Wolf Baroness and leader of the Silent Fang unexpectedly assaulted Amethyst, home of the Techeuns and Coven Leader Pinar Venj, Zire led her Armada to rescue them. Unfortunately she arrived too late, as the Silent Fang had massacred the entire population of the station. Seeking vengeance, Zire pursued Drevis' ships to 7 Iris and engaged a Ketch of the House of Wolves in battle there. Winning the battle thanks to her smaller, quicker ships and ferocious attacks, Zire discovered that the Ketch did not belong to Drevis, but was the flagship of Parixas, the Howling, one of Skolas' rivals for Kellship of the Wolves who had been lured to Iris by another of Skolas' lieutenants, Grayor. Zire slew Parixas, but Drevis and Grayor escaped, having successfully assaulted the Awoken and tricked Zire into eliminating Skolas' rival.[2]

Not long after the Battle of Iris, it was discovered that the Queen's Wrath Sjur Eido was dead after a conflict with an unknown enemy alongside the Ahamkara Huginn and Muninn. Zire recovered her body and found a strange coin on it, which she brought to Queen Mara Sov, and that Sjur's bow Wish-Ender was missing. She informed Mara that the Ahamkara were also dead and their bones silenced. As she began to report what Corsair Petra Venj had discovered, Mara questioned who that was, and Zire explained that Petra was young and only recently titled, which angered Mara that a "child" was investigating the incident. Scared by the Queen's uncharacteristic anger, Zire reminded her that while she too grieved for Sjur, their spies in the House of Judgment had reported that Skolas would soon be assaulting Hygiea and that they could not afford to be distracted by attempting vengeance against Sjur's murderer. Mara gave Zire a small smile in response and told her that it would be Mara's personal diversion then.[3]

Later, Abra used the gravity gun "Carybdis" to direct the asteroid Tinette towards another asteroid called Fortuna, where Beltrik was refilling his Ether supplies. Both asteroids were destroyed in the collision and Beltrik was captured.[4] Along with her other deeds, Abra Zire also played a major role in Skolas' capture at Cybele.[5]

The Taken War[edit]

At the Battle of Saturn Zire was killed when Oryx unleashed his Dreadnaught's superweapon.[6]

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