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The Paladin's Blazon

Paladins are the commanders of the Reef's military forces and serve directly under the Queen of the Reef. There always only seven Paladins at one time. Four Paladins lead the Royal Armada, which consists of the Reef's space fleet, the Corsairs, and the Vestian Guard. Two Paladins lead the Royal Army, which consists of the Reef's soldiers, battle stations, and military installations. The seventh Paladin leads the Royal Awoken Guard, which is responsible for protecting the Queen from both direct threats to her person and indirect threats that endanger the Reef as a whole. Although this title is usually a reference to a military leader, it can indicate the encryption of a message “sent” to Paladin “Oran”. The encryption functions by taking the first letter of every word of a given encrypted message and combining it to form a new one.

Known Paladins[edit]

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