Pirrha, the Rifleman

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"I don't have time to explain why I don't have time to explain."
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Pirrha, the Rifleman
Biographical Information

Other Names:

The Rifleman
Pirrha, the Phantom
Pirrha, the Blind


Eliksni Homeworld








Ultra Raider





Combat Information


Target: The Rifleman


Scorn Crossbow


Ether Smoke Dash
Brief Immunity
Activate Decoys
Rapid Movement
High Durability
Summon Scorn
Ultra Smash

"Trust me, kids: Keep your eyes open, head down …and your Ghost close."
— Cayde-6 [1]

Pirrha, the Rifleman[2] is a Scorn Baron specialising in long-range combat. Responsible for the deaths of Awoken Paladins Tellos Cir, Loris Pol, and Hollis Eso at Pallas Falls, Pirrha is also known to have destroyed multiple Ghosts. After being imprisoned deep within the Prison of Elders alongside his fellow Barons, he was freed by Uldren Sov and was later present at the murder of Cayde-6, where he shot the Hunter Vanguard's Ghost Sundance. The Rifleman lurks in the Hellrise Canyon, where he lures unwary travelers into an impenetrable security network before eliminating them from afar.[1] He is a Raider class Scorn leader.


Pirrha's main weapon of choice is a Scorn Crossbow, which fires powerful charged Void arrows from long range that can easily hit their mark; their high damage can crack a Guardian's shield in an instant. When faced at closer ranges, he will teleport or smoke dash to evade and flank the player, and if cornered, he will stomp the ground to knock them back. His most devastating ability, however, is the use of decoys. The decoys can easily distract unprepared Guardians and overwhelm them with constant crossbow fire, although they are easily destroyed. If his use of numerous simultaneous decoys proves bothersome, one can deactivate them en masse with a few shots each from a high ammo capacity weapon capable of automatic fire, before focusing their firepower on Pirrha himself.


Pirrha seems to look down on the Guardian, as well as Guardians as a whole (presumably due to having killed many of them), calling them things such as "target practice". He also seems to have quite an ego, as he frequently taunts the Guardian in what one could assume is an attempt to make them paranoid enough to leave the safety of cover, and continuously boasting about his kill count, Cayde-6 in particular; the Guardian's Ghost even remarks on how Cayde's Ghost was similar to him in demeanor. He also appears to see Ghosts as trophies, as he remarks on how he'll either sell the Ghost's shell to the Spider or keep it mounted on his wall, not unlike an actual hunter's behavior involving prey they have killed.

Though a skilled hunter and assassin, Pirrha's overconfidence in his ability to kill the Guardian led to his death.


  • "Go on, take out your Ghost. I need the target practice."
  • "Every shot I take adds another soldier to the Scorn army."
  • "Ah... Target practice."
  • "You... missed... hahaha..."
  • "King Uldren wants you dead. [laughs]"
  • I bring him your body... keep your Ghost. [laughs]"
  • Sell it's shell to Spider. [laughs]"
  • ...Or I mount your Ghost on my wall... next to Cayde's... [laughs]"
  • I... seeeee... you..."


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