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High Plains Blues


The Machinist



Destiny 2






Tangled Shore, Reef


Push into the Scorn Barons' hideout in the Tangled Shore, clear them out for the Spider, and transmat his caches

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Scorned is the thirty-third story mission of Destiny 2, and the second story mission of the Forsaken expansion. After Uldren Sov kills Cayde-6 and the Scorn flee from the Prison of Elders, Guardians must team up with the associates of the Spider to help clear out the Scorn who are invading his territory.




Spider's Safehouse

Ghost: Petra is out for blood. But we’re here for justice. Aren’t we? Anyway, let’s hope Spider’s tip about Uldren and the Barons’ location is solid. No point in making a deal with the devil if the devil doesn’t come through.

The Guardian(s) leave the Safehouse in search of the Baron’s hideout. First, however, they must collect 2 of Spider’s caches stolen by Scorn Bandits. 2 of Spider’s men spawn right beside the Guardian(s).
Transmat Spider’s Cache
Caches recovered
0 of 2
After The Guardian(s) take out the first squad of bandits whom have captured the cache, they go to collect it.
Transmat Spider’s Cache
Caches recovered
1 of 2

The Spider: Ahh, marvelous. Accept my thanks in the form of my belligerent associates.

2 more of Spider’s men spawn to help the Guardian(s), as they move on to cache 2. Eliminating the rest of the Scorn, they retake the 2nd cache.
Transmat Spider’s Cache
Caches recovered
2 of 2

The Spider: Many thanks, my profitable friend.

The Guardian(s) move on to the Quitter's Well where there next objective lies.
Assault the Barons’ hideout
On approach and after killing off some of the guards, Elykris, the Machinist teleports onto the field to help out the guards. After losing a third of her healt, she warps off the field.

Ghost: They know we’re coming now. No time to lose.