The Other Side

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The Other Side


Destiny 2


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Ascendant Leviathan, Leviathan


Locate the Rogue Essence

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Venture into the Ascendant Plane in search of the essence that Calus described to you.

The Other Side is a secret Exotic Mission found in The Tribute Hall aboard the Leviathan when the player places a total of 18 tributes. Completing this quest awards the player the Bad Juju Exotic Pulse Rifle. This quest is found within the center of the Tribute Hall in a glass case containing the Bird Skull (or projection of the Pulse Rifle when completed) once all 5 Royal Beast tributes are placed (final one is unlocked with 18 Tributes Placed, including the Beasts themselves).


The Tribute Hall
Start Mission
Hunt for the rogue essence
The player is knocked, and an Ascendant Portal opens above the casing.
The player enters the Portal, ending up in the Ascendant Realm. The player approaches a door where Toland, the Shattered waits for the Guardian.

Toland, the Shattered: Paracausality! What a trip. If you believe your weapon wants to murder all existence, then so it will. Call it a little bad juju, if you please...

The player follows Toland to an Ascendant version of Calus' Throne Room, where they are ambushed by a Taken squad lead by a Ravenous Taken Knight. After killing the squad and a Revenant Shrieker above the Throne itself, the Taken Barrier where players would go after defeating Calus in the Raid will dissipate. There, they will see the broken landscape of the Ascendant Leviathan. The player progresses through the floating abyss, taking out any other Taken squad attempting to keep the player away from the essence. The player eventually arrives at an Ascendant Pleasure Gardens, where they are greeted by a hellish howl and swarms of Shadowbeasts. After killing the sources of Blight, Ravenous Taken Minotaurs, Ravenous Taken Wizards and Graam, Born of the Hellmouth spawns. After killing every remaining enemy in the Gardens, the Taken Barrier leading to the essence will dissipate. After crossing the floating rocks leading to the essence, the player arrives at the entrance to the Throne located in the Castellum, where the essence is seen looming above a battle between the stranded Loyalists and the Taken.

Toland, the Shattered: Inflict your desires upon reality, Guardian. One good death deserves another.

The player begins killing the Cabal and Taken, which starts to feed the essence. After approaching closer to the essence, another Taken horde lead by Mant Yût, Born of the Hellmouth arrives to protect the essence. After slaying the Taken Centurion, the horde retreats and the essence disappears, satisfied.

Toland, the Shattered: I leave you here.

An Ascendant portal opens by the door.

Toland, the Shattered: Claim what has been lost.

{End Gameplay}

The player enters the Portal, returning to the Tribute Hall.

{End Mission}