The Conversation

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The Damnation

The Conversation
Imagine for Enkaar


Destiny 2


Season of the Forge



Recommended Power Level:



Hellrise Canyon, Tangled Shore
The Broodhold, Tangled Shore


• Find Enkaar, the weapon master
• Infiltrate the lair of Enkaar, the Anointed
• Stop Enkaar, the weapon master

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"Enkaar, the Hive weapon master, is hiding in Hellrise Canyon in the Tangled Shore. Hunt him down!"
— Mission description.

The Conversation is a Mission that serves as the final quest step to "The Draw" where the Guardian has tracked the lair of Enkaar, the Anointed, an infamous Hive weapon master who crafts Weapons of Sorrow, and must put an end to his heinous development of Hive weaponry. Completion of this mission rewards The Last Word Exotic Hand Cannon. Players must traverse to the designated location of the quest marker on the map and interact with the banner to begin the mission.[1]

This mission is now longer available following the sunsetting of content in Beyond Light and the Last Word only available at the Monument to Lost Lights.


This mission begins at Hellrise Canyon, were the player must make their way through waves of Hive enemies to find the weapon master. This mission will have the modifier Suppressed Light (Health regeneration is much slower but can be replenished by defeating enemies. Abilities charge more slowly but do more damage.) active, making damage from abilities more potent with the tradeoff of increased ability cooldown uptime and health regeneration much longer to trigger without Restorative Light dropping from defeated enemies. In the first room, players must focus on killing adds until a miniboss Ogre can spawn in. Killing the ogre will drop its Worm larvae that must be picked up and placed into a wall of chitin, destroying it and revealing a path further into the Hive lair.

In the second room, players must focus on a miniboss trio of Wizards protected with invincibility barriers; killing one at a time while clearing mobs of Thralls, Acolytes, and Knights spawning around the area. After defeating all three wizards, destroy the nearby Void Crystal to open the way down to the next area.

Upon reaching the next restricted zone, you are challenged by Enkaar to a shootout. Step on the nearby shadowrift as it steadily countdowns to reveal the Last Word, picking it initiates the duel with the goal of the player to shoot the Soulfire Rifle in Enkaar's arm as he immediately draws. Missing a shot or shooting too early causes Enkaar to instantly kill the Guardian with one shot. If the player does not draw or walks out of the circle for a period of time, they will get the 'Gun Shy' debuff which damages them quickly. To deal damage, the Last Word has to be fired at his arm, which will take a third of his health. After a quick retreat, the Guardian gives chase through waves of Hive enemies.

At the second phase of the fight, Enkaar will summon a Spectral Herald of himself possessing the same abilities and weapon, but can be disposed of with a single shot. They have to be targeted first before firing at Enkaar. After taking his health down to a third and forcing him to retreat, the player must pursue the weapon master through several more wave of Hive enemies before the third and final stand. On the final damage phase, two of the Spectral Heralds spawn and have to be shot in the order of their spawn. A final bullet then has to be fired at Enkaar, killing him and awarding the Last Word.







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