Weapons of Sorrow

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The Weapons of Sorrow are a collection of infamous Guardian weapons that have been acquired and modified by the Hive using their arcane science and magic. They are associated with tragedy and destruction, as they seem to inevitably corrupt the Guardians that wield them and drive them to commit heinous acts of violence and cruelty. Most of these weapons were believed to have been destroyed.

There are only four confirmed Weapons of Sorrow: the Hand Cannon known as Thorn[1], the Auto Rifle known as Necrochasm[2], the Scout Rifle known as Touch of Malice[3] and the Submachine Gun known as Osteo Striga[4]. Various other weapons bear some of the hallmarks of Weapons of Sorrow, but are not confirmed to be part of this class; these include the Pulse Rifle Bad Juju, the Sniper Rifle Whisper of the Worm, and the Hand Cannon Malfeasance.

The Hive Acolyte Enkaar, the Anointed is known to be a craftsman of one or more Weapons of Sorrow; Enkaar himself wields a weapon referred to as "Proto-Thorn", which may or may not itself be a Weapon of Sorrow.

Known Weapons of Sorrow[edit]


  • The Weapons from the Crown of Sorrow Raid appear to be corrupted Reef weapons infused with Hive runes, whether these are weapons of sorrow in themselves is unclear.

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